Individual Health Insurance Plan
Individual Plan
Individual Health Plan

We understand how important your wellbeing is, and securing an individual health insurance plan can grant you the assurance that you will be cared for to the highest standards at the best facilities.



Family Health Insurance
Family Plan
Family Health Plan

Finding the right protection for your family is a top priority.  We understand the need for the highest quality treatment at the best medical facilities, and are here to secure your family’s health insurance.

Travel and Short Term Insurance
Travel Plan
Travel Plan

The best travel plans are the ones which can offer a range of options and stay flexible, as you may need to be away for a specific amount of time, and require a specific amount of cover.

With our expert advice on the full range of travel and medical insurance available, we will ensure you are ready for the journey.

Maternity Cover
Maternity Plan
Maternity Plan

Maternity plans may appear complicated, especially with the sheer number of options available. Wrapping your head around the details can relieve some of the pressure, so we recommended getting to grips with what you can do with a plan, and how it will benefit your new family.


Insurance for Chronic Conditions
Pre-existing Plan
Pre-existing Medical Plan

We understand that medical conditions differ, with some minor and others that are difficult to manage. The best way to manage a pre-existing health condition through arranging medical insurance is to seek somebody that understands the process fully. Finding the right plan to suit your specific needs is where we come in.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance
Senior Citizens
Senior Citizen Plan

Buying health insurance gets significantly more difficult as you get older. We always recommend taking great care when choosing which options to include.


Emergency Evacuation Insurance
Evacuation Plan
Emergency Evacuation

There are a number of countries that do not possess the modern treatments or facilities necessary to deal with serious injury or medical emergencies. The costs of a medical emergency in a foreign country can accumulate quickly, and a global health insurance plan is one way to secure evacuation to a hopsital.

Health Insurance for Teachers
Teacher Plan
Teacher Plan

Teaching abroad is both rewarding and challenging, and life in a new country involives adjusting to a new environment. To guarantee your well-being in a country you may be relatively unfamiliar with, we advise you look into our teacher plans.

International Health Insurance Cover in USA
USA Cover
USA Cover

The USA is renowned for it's quality of medical care. As the most expensive in the world, medical care in the USA is not a standard feature for most international health insurance plans but can be offered as a separate add-on.

Health Insurance Plans
All Plans
All Medical Plans

Review the plans we have on offer. Each of our products can be catered specially to suit your circumstance or situation.

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