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Asthma – No Room For Complacency

Asthma can be a deadly condition but there is a worrying amount of complacency from both doctors and sufferers resulting in more deaths from asthma attacks that could have been prevented.

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New Guidelines for the Care of Hepatitis C

This year, for the first time ever, the World Health Organization has released a report outlining standards of hepatitis C screening, diagnosis and treatment

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A Cure for Hepatitis C – If You’ve Got $84,000 to Spare

A new hepatitis C treatment has been praised for its effectiveness and criticized for its very high price.

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UK Health Care Moves into 21st Century with Full Seven Day Week Care

UK hospitals are to address poor weekend care for patients by changing consultants working contracts.

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Untangling New Treatment for Cancer

Research calls for more intelligent approaches to search for a cure for cancer, one which focuses on the different characteristics of specific cancers, and which considers how cancer develops differently depending on the individual patient.

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Research Reveals Risk Genes Might Be Responsible for Alzheimer’s

New research points way to possible new treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

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The Necessity of Early Care for Stroke Victims

Doctors and nurses have always known the importance of treating a stroke as soon as possible, but a new study from the medical journal, Stroke, has shown just how important it is to diagnose and offer care to stroke victims as soon as possible. 

Published in August 2013, the study demonstrated that in order to greatly minimize…

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Making Cancer Treatment Bespoke

Sixty or seventy years ago, one of the public aims of cancer research was to develop a 'cure' for cancer. However, research is increasingly  suggesting that far from there being a universal cure for the condition, the experience of it is in fact unique to each individual and effective treatment will have to be tailored to the nature of the disease in the individual sufferer. This insight…

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Fighting Cancer with HIV

What does two pounds look like? Two pounds is a large chocolate cake. Two pounds is a 10-week-old kitten. Two pounds is eight sticks of butter. Two pounds is a substantial amount, so it's no surprise that the international medical community takes note when researchers announce they've found a method to kill two pounds of cancer cells - by injecting the…

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