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Women Already Benefitting From Qatar National Health Insurance Scheme

Stage 1 of Qatar’s National Health Insurance Scheme has seen success, offering free coverage for women’s health services at public and private hospitals.

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NHS Not Good Enough For Royal Birth?

After the long awaited arrival of Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal baby, the first few days of baby George's life were rather slow and somewhat unsensational time for the British media. There were no statements, no photographs and few updates which meant there was very little to comment on in news columns and live reports. One story about the royal birth which…

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Dependent and Pregnant: Maternity Coverage for Young Adults

Of all the changes that Obamacare has made to health insurance in the United States, one of the earliest and most well-known bits of legislation kept young adults on their parents' health care plans longer. Starting in 2010, insurance plans that extended coverage to dependents of the main beneficiaries were required to continue covering those dependents until they had reached the age of…

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