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The Global Health Care Sector Outlook: Part 2

A recent report outlines global expectations for the medical sectors in countries such as Mexico, Germany, India and more.

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The Global Health Care Sector Outlook: Part 1

A new report shines light on the challenges and changes that health care sectors may see in 2014 all across the globe.

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New Series Documents Disease Eradication Efforts in the Poorest Areas

The news network Al Jazeera has announced an eight-part documentary exploring the positive work of health care professionals in eliminating diseases such as polio, leprosy, River Blindness and more.

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An Innovative Health Summit in Qatar

At the recent World Innovation Summit for Health in Qatar, medical experts and innovators gathered to discuss new medical challenges and advancements.

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CIGNA Expects to Hit Financial Targets for 2010

CIGNA Corp., the Philadelphia-based healthcare service provider, has announced at the Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Conference in New York that it expects to meet its forecast consolidated adjusted income from operations as per estimates for the whole of 2010, currently set at between US$1.13 billion (EUR 869.2 million) to US$1.21 billion (EUR 931 million).

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