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Legal Highs – and Lows

A new report from the United Kingdom highlights the medical dangers of designer drugs: substances that mimic traditional drugs but are made from a different set of ingredients and therefore go unregulated.

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Uruguay Legalizes Marijuana – At What Cost to Health?

Marijuana’s effects on health are under scrutiny as Uruguay makes the drug both medically and recreationally legal.

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When Disease Doesn’t Respond to Antibiotics

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control serves as an important reminder that in the United States and abroad, antibiotic-resistant bacteria is a threat to health.

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The Necessity of Early Care for Stroke Victims

Doctors and nurses have always known the importance of treating a stroke as soon as possible, but a new study from the medical journal, Stroke, has shown just how important it is to diagnose and offer care to stroke victims as soon as possible. 

Published in August 2013, the study demonstrated that in order to greatly minimize…

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A Greek Tragedy: The Healthcare Service in Greece

The Greek national debt is never very far from the headlines, with reports of officials fiddling budget figures, youths rioting in the streets and what seems like a endless increase in the number of unemployed. While all this all seems like a shocking and unacceptable situation for a member of the European Union, a recently published

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Malaria: The Good News, The Bad News

Mosquitoes. Barely larger than a kidney bean and yet responsible for more than half a million deaths every year. Why? Because mosquitoes carry malaria.

There is no malaria vaccine, and it is not possible to eradicate every insect carrier from the face of the earth. These facts alone make malaria an important issue in the world of science and health care, but recently,…

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