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The World’s Ongoing Struggle With Vector-Borne Disease

On World Health Day 2014, WHO highlights the issue of illnesses spread by insects.

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The Dengue Threat Abroad and At Home

Thanks to modern advances in health care and disease control, traveling abroad is not nearly as dangerous as it once was: yellow fever can be prevented with a vaccination, Imodium will slow a gurgling gut, and bottled water can ward off everything from E. coli to cholera. However, there is one tropical disease that is not only increasing in prevalence, but also cannot be immunized against:…

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Saudi Arabia Placed On Dengue Fever Alert

In Saudi Arabia authorities are warning hosptials in Jeddah of a dengue fever outbreak, following floods which have provided a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. According to the Ministry of Health Saudia Arabia, since the January 26th floods in Jeddah, six cases of dengue fever and 4 cases of malaria…

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