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Genetic Prostate Test Is Good News for Men’s Health

A newly developed genetic test could help doctors decide which prostate cancer patients need surgery, and which can be spared the side effects of an unnecessary prostate removal.

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Challenges Remain Regarding Pancreatic Cancer in the UK

It was unfortunately recently announced that the UK has one of the worst records regarding the treatment and survival rates of pancreatic cancer compared to the rest of the world. However, new research is stepping up to improve these rates.

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Getting Down to the Basics Of Cancer Research

New research is throwing a clearer light onto some of the processes that bring about specific cancers via investigations into the basic building blocks - our cell and genes. This is allowing scientists to discover exactly how smoking or exposure to ultraviolet light can lead to cancer and also confirm if a particular environmental hazard has been the cause of a specific cancer.

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US Study: Low Compliance of Mammogram Screening Among Insured Women

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women, accounting for around 16 percent of all female cancers. It kills around 519,000 women every year, worldwide. A recent US study, conducted by the Medco Research Institute, reveals that only half of insured women aged over 40 are claiming annual…

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