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China’s New Health Care Concerns

In China, rapid economic growth has lead to a populace that is wealthier, but not necessarily healthier, thanks to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes.

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Atmospheric Pollution Continues to Threaten Health

While many developing economies are frequently criticised for ignoring the health risks associated with pollution, research indicates that more developed western countries are also putting people’s health at risk by failing to address the health consequences of air pollution.

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Can Pollution Lead to Appendicitis?

The appendix is not an organ we need, but when it malfunctions - the body certainly notices. An inflamed appendix can cause abdominal pain, fever, irregular bowel function and vomiting. Then again, an inflamed appendix might go unnoticed, until it ruptures. Upon rupture, the pus which has irritated and expanded the appendix will slowly seep out, potentially…

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Air Pollution: Affecting Health in More Ways Than One

Smog is a health issue in many cities around the world. Some countries, however, are disproportionately plagued by the issue of pollution - China, for example, endures consistent reports of haze, dense particulate matter, and airborne industrial discharges. In fact, the World Bank reports that more than three quarters of the

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