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Public NHS Hospital Steps In to Save Failing Private Hospital

Most news stories which address private healthcare in England only serve to accentuate the difference between the private and public health systems - and more often than not, celebrate the quality of services available at privately- run facilities. But a story last week painted a less than perfect picture of one privately- run hospital. The Lister Surgicentre, a private…

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Smoking and Drinking on the Decline in the UK but Still Generating Controversy

For fully fifty years there has been a simple and oft repeated message from heath professionals across the world - ' Stop smoking and keep alcohol consumption to ' moderate'  levels'.

All of the ailments that tend to lead to early death - cardiac disease, strokes and the principal cancers are all strongly associated  with these two 'lifestyle' issues. The impact over the…

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His Royal Highness of Homeopathy: The Prince of Wales Lobbies for Alternative Medicines on NHS

As the UK population celebrates the healthy arrival of Prince William and Catherine Middleton's new born baby son, news of the Royal birth of the third heir to the throne shadows last week's Royal family related health news. Indeed, earlier in the month the focus was on the direct heir…

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Breast Cancer - What You Need to Know

Globally, breast cancer is the most common cancer to affect women. Of all women suffering from cancer, 23 percent will be battling breast cancer. The breast cancer mortality rate is also high. Data shows that in 2008, breast cancer caused nearly half a million deaths across the world.

As is generally…

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