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Health and Insurance, 2014

What can the health care industry, and patients, expect for the coming year?

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Bird Flu Cases Increase As Chinese New Year Approaches

Health authorities worry that travel and food preparations for the Lunar New Year will cause cases of H7N9 to grow

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New Research Into Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

When the novel coronavirus first came about in 2012, doctors and medical researchers feared that the SARS-like virus might turn into a pandemic. Now, one year later, the disease is in many senses under control - there has been…

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A Killer Virus in Saudi Arabia

In 2003, China and Hong Kong experienced a SARS pandemic; the first one in recorded history. This pneumonia-like disease began infecting people in China, Hong Kong and Vietnam; eventually spreading to 37 countries around the world. Especially scary was the virus' quick rate of infection - in less than nine months, SARS managed to infect an estimated 8,000 people, leading to the deaths…

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