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Putin Talks Russia Healthcare Reform

Speaking last week at the All-Russian Forum of Medical Workers, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin addressed the country's continued health care problems and outlined the substantial investments required in the health system to improve outcomes. The crisis in Russia's healthcare system has been a persistent problem for many years. Despite an elaborate hospital network and an ample staff of trained…

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Allianz and Volkswagen Extend Old Partnership and Target BRIC

Allianz Global Automotive and Volkswagen Financial Services have recently signed a letter of intent which will see the two companies agree to continue collaborating and strategically expand their 60 year old successful partnership.

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First International Credit Insurer Licence in Russia issued to Coface

The Russian state authority for insurance (FSSN) has issued the first international credit insurer licence to ZAO Coface Rus Insurance, a subsidiary of the Paris-based Credit Insurer Coface SA.

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CIGNA Enlarges Providers Base in Russia

As part of CIGNA's continued efforts to expand its international business base, it counts now with a network of 4,000 hospitals and clinics in Russia, as per announcement released early this week.

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