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Physician Assisted Suicide Gaining Acceptance in the United States

With New Mexico’s recent judicial decision in favor of assisted suicide, some think that the practice could soon be legalized in more American states.

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Cancelled Coverage, Better Care?

As some Americans face the cancellation of their current insurance policies, lawmakers and consumers ponder the benefits and challenges of the Affordable Care Act’s minimum coverage requirements.

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Working Together: Health Insurance Co-Ops

A food co-op is a place you go to buy organic groceries in a non-corporate, community-run environment. A housing co-op is a place where neighbors work together to create, alter or govern a place of residence. A banking co-op is an institution controlled by members. And, a health co-operative? The role of a health co-op in the United States is still being…

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A Medicaid Gamble in Oregon

Medicaid, the health insurance program for low income Americans, will pay $50,000 to hospitalize and treat an elderly woman for congestive heart failure due to a heat stroke. Medicaid will not, however, cover the cost of a $200 air conditioner. Does this example illustrate a problem with the Medicaid system? According to Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, yes. 

It makes…

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