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Health Insurance with a Side of Fries

In the world of health care, fast food is a common topic of discussion for its links to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. However, it turns out that fast food may be affecting the health of the United States in a different way altogether: by insuring, or not insuring, its employees.

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ACE Group Completes Acquisition of New York Life's Hong Kong and Korean Holdings

ACE Limited, the Swiss insurer operating in over 50 countries, has successfully completed the acquisition of all shares in both New York Life's Hong Kong and South Korean wholly-owned life insurance subsidiaries for a combined US$425 million in cash. The purchase agreement between the two conglomerates…

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New York Life Sells Stake in Chinese Life Insurance Joint Venture

New York Life has entered into arrangements to sell its stake in its Shanghai-based joint venture, Haier New York Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Shanghai-based Haier New York Life Insurance had previously been a joint venture between New York Life Insurance and electrical appliance manufacturer, Haier Group, with each partner holding a 50 percent stake. The Haier New York Life Insurance company has a registered…

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New York Life Selling Two Asian Life Insurance Operations to ACE Group

New York Life Insurance Company has signed an agreement with ACE Group for the sale of two of New York Life's Asian life insurance operations for US$ 425 million. The deal will see ACE purchase two of New Your Life's wholly owned life insurance subsidiaries in Hong Kong and South Korea, where ACE Group already has property and casualty insurance operations. ACE Group will incorporate the newly purchased…

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CIGNA Expects to Hit Financial Targets for 2010

CIGNA Corp., the Philadelphia-based healthcare service provider, has announced at the Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Conference in New York that it expects to meet its forecast consolidated adjusted income from operations as per estimates for the whole of 2010, currently set at between US$1.13 billion (EUR 869.2 million) to US$1.21 billion (EUR 931 million).

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