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Public NHS Hospital Steps In to Save Failing Private Hospital

Most news stories which address private healthcare in England only serve to accentuate the difference between the private and public health systems - and more often than not, celebrate the quality of services available at privately- run facilities. But a story last week painted a less than perfect picture of one privately- run hospital. The Lister Surgicentre, a private…

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Transparency is the New Challenge for the UK's National Health Service

Its is often said that in these fairly secular times, the nearest thing the British have to a national religion is, in fact, its National Health Service. The fact that the creation of the NHS played a central role in the celebrated pageant that formed the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics was testament to this.…

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NHS Trying to Balance Costs and Care

In the midst of enacting QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention) policies, Britain's National Health Service is en route to save £5.9 billion (US$ 9.23 billion) for the 2011-2012 financial year at the same time as some are protesting the effects that the cost-cutting measures will have on vulnerable members of society, and their levels of healthcare. Britain's government has been…

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South Africa to Convene with UK Health Officials for Advice on NHI

With the African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa, preparing to institute a National Health Insurance (NHI) program in the next few years, South African government health officials are set to meet with their UK counterparts to learn from their experiences. The African National Congress released some of the details of their proposal for a National Health Insurance scheme towards the end…

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British Government tired of picking up bill for medical tourists, mulls changes

The British Government is looking at a number of proposals that would attempt to curtail the number of medical tourists who leave without paying the bill, such as forcing visitors to show proof of medical insurance before entering the country. The British Home Office has put forward ideas on ways to curtail the abuse of the National Health Service…

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British MP's report says Homeopathy should not be funded by NHS

British parliament's science and technology committee, headed up by chairman Phil Willis, has finished a new report on National Health Service funding for homeopathic treatments and come to the conclusion that the funding should stop. The committee of MPs said that since there is no evidence that homeopathic treatments work better than a placebo,…

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