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Dubai’s Mandatory Insurance Scheme

Later this year, Dubai will begin rolling out its first stage of legislation mandating that employers provide health coverage to employees and dependents, including foreign workers.

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The Consequences of a Polio Outbreak in Syria

The World Health Organization has just confirmed 10 cases of polio in Syria, and health care workers say that without widespread immunizations efforts, the highly contagious virus could easily spread to more of the war-torn nation’s half million unvaccinated children.

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Women Already Benefitting From Qatar National Health Insurance Scheme

Stage 1 of Qatar’s National Health Insurance Scheme has seen success, offering free coverage for women’s health services at public and private hospitals.

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New Research Into Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

When the novel coronavirus first came about in 2012, doctors and medical researchers feared that the SARS-like virus might turn into a pandemic. Now, one year later, the disease is in many senses under control - there has been…

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Syria and Jordan: A Crisis of War, A Crisis of Health

The Syrian uprisings are an excellent example of how the political can become personal. What started as a series of protests about displeasure with the government quickly devolved into civil war, with families forced to give up their jobs and homes in order to find safety.…

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Growth Prospects for Insurance Companies Remain Promising in the Middle East

In many ways, the Middle East has become, and is becoming, one of the most exciting regions for economic and financial development.

Dubai is in position to not…

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International Private Medical Insurance Improves and Expands Plans to Stay Competitive

There have been a number of notable changes in International Private Medical Health Insurance in the last few weeks, while not as earth shattering as the Libor scandal or the crop failures in the US, the progressive and continual changes reveal an industry that is currently very dynamic and competitive. While Bupa is launching products to fill gaps it sees in the IPMI market, US healthcare giant…

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MetLife planning to Cover the Middle East

Following its acquisition of American Life Company (ALICO), MetLife now aims to become a force in the Middle East, which had been missing from its portfolio of 18 countries.

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