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New Sugar Guidelines from WHO: Too Strict to Follow?

The World Health Organization is asking for input on a set of draft guidelines that recommend adults consume no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day.

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Britain’s Growing Struggle With Gout

Often thought of as a disease of the past, the painful joint swelling known as gout is reemerging as a 21st century medical affliction.

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China’s New Health Care Concerns

In China, rapid economic growth has lead to a populace that is wealthier, but not necessarily healthier, thanks to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes.

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Smoking and Drinking on the Decline in the UK but Still Generating Controversy

For fully fifty years there has been a simple and oft repeated message from heath professionals across the world - ' Stop smoking and keep alcohol consumption to ' moderate'  levels'.

All of the ailments that tend to lead to early death - cardiac disease, strokes and the principal cancers are all strongly associated  with these two 'lifestyle' issues. The impact over the…

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Coming to Terms with Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer, and some of the intimacies associated with initial diagnosis, seems to have resulted in a reluctance among men to consult with their doctors. Convincing men - as they get older - to be alert for it and its possible consequences is an important task for men's health in general.

If you feel that something is a little wrong with a familiar body function -…

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The Expat Experience

According to a recently released Gallup survey, which has taken three years to complete, 16% of all adults in over 130 countries globally - equivalent to over 700 million people - would relish the prospect of starting a new life in a different country. Unsurprisingly, the most popular migration destinations include relatively wealthy Western countries, with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates…

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