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New Research Into Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

When the novel coronavirus first came about in 2012, doctors and medical researchers feared that the SARS-like virus might turn into a pandemic. Now, one year later, the disease is in many senses under control - there has been…

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Syria and Jordan: A Crisis of War, A Crisis of Health

The Syrian uprisings are an excellent example of how the political can become personal. What started as a series of protests about displeasure with the government quickly devolved into civil war, with families forced to give up their jobs and homes in order to find safety.…

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Arab Orient Insurance Company teams up with Bupa International to offer quality healthcare in Jordan

Established in 1996, Jordan based Arab Orient Insurance Company is currently one of the leading providers of general insurance in the Middle East.
Operating as a subsidiary of Gulf Insurance Company, AOIC prides themselves on reliability, quality and superior customer service and believes these characteristics have helped them to dominate the competitive market whilst showing consistent growth…

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