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Insurance Associations Seeking Differentiation from Banking in Discussions on Regulatory Reforms

The International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) recently published a consultation paper titled, "Assessment Methodology for the Identification of Global Systemically Important Insurers". In the paper, the IAIS proposed criteria which will be used to classify insurers as "global systemically important" and invited public comment until 31 July 2012.  The paper was endorsed for consultation…

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New Insurance Regulatory Body Upcoming in Hong Kong

Given that the current self-regulatory regime is not up to international standards, the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau of Hong Kong is proposing to establish an independent insurance authority to increase the strength of regulation of the industry.

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Hong Kong Healthcare Reform Stuck in Debate

Amidst the global debate on healthcare reform, Hong Kong has waded into the fray with a proposed "voluntary medical insurance" scheme aimed at alleviating the massive financial burdens faced by the city's public healthcare network. The issue was first raised in late 2008, following in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis, and has now reached the penultimate stage of industry level discussion before…

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Market Competition: American and International insurance

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