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Dubai’s Mandatory Insurance Scheme

Later this year, Dubai will begin rolling out its first stage of legislation mandating that employers provide health coverage to employees and dependents, including foreign workers.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Sees Events Around the World

In October, organizations around the world will be promoting breast cancer education and awareness.

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Helping the Uninsured: Foreign Workers in Dubai

It would be an understatement to say that the population of the United Arab Emirates has grown quickly. Census data shows that in the past 40 years, the population of the UAE has increased by 700 percent. Whereas just over 500,000 people resided in the UAE in 1975, today there…

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Leading International Insurance Providers Expand Coverage for Asthma in Dubai

For those living in the Middle East, asthma and other respiratory problems continue to be a constant issue and topic of discussion. Statistics indicate that about 13% of adults and 25% of children in the United Arab Emirates suffer from a form of asthma. The World Asthma Foundation has released data suggesting that the…

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Globalsurance impressed by Now Health's latest developments across the Middle East and China

In what began as a careful partnership, Globalsurance is working even more closely with Now Health, as the young health insurance company has shown promise, especially in regard to its strong organization, service and claims capabilities. Now Health, which was only launched last year, is the creation of a management team comprised of former Good Health employees, including Martin Garcia, who served…

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Agility GHS Commences Operations in Dubai

This week, South Africa-based medical system administrator and managed care provider, Agility Global Health Solutions, began operations in the Middle East through a joint venture agreement with a local conglomerate.

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Munich Re Receives Reinsurance License for Middle East and Africa Business

Munich Re has been licensed by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) to open a reinsurance unit called Munich Re Underwriting Agents (DIFC) Ltd. in the Dubai International Financial Center, making it the first of the biggest reinsurance companies in the world to do so. Operating out of the Dubai International Financial Center will allow Munich Re Underwriting Agents to service the entire…

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Global Insurance Plans on Offer by BWS

Brokerage World Solutions (BWS) is ready to globally offer optimal-value insurance and risk management solutions to businesses in various industries around the globe. BWS is the group holding company resulting from the merger of Insure Direct, a Dubai-based insurance broker, and Independent Risk Solutions BV, a marine insurance specialist based in Rotterdam.

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William Russell expands Dubai team on UAE growth

William Russell's distribution deal with the Dubai Insurance Company is paying off, with large demand for William Russell's Global Plans spurring the company to add additional staff to the Dubai-based team. The partnership sells William Russell's Global Health, Global Life and Global Income Protection products, underwritten by Dubai Insurance Company, which are targeted at small and medium sized…

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