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The GSK Pharmaceutical Scandal in China

The UK drug company GSK is still under investigation of illegally bribing hospitals and doctors in China in order to increase sales.

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Q1 Reports Indicate Resurgence of Health Insurance Profits

The year 2012 may not have been the most flourishing of years for some health insurance companies around the globe, but data for the first quarter of 2013 looks promising for many of the world's largest, most well-established medical insurance providers. Among those releasing encouraging figures, Cigna, AXA, Munich Health…

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AXA partners with Wasilah in Saudi Arabia

This week, Europe's second largest insurer AXA selected Wasilah Insurance Agency to be its new business partner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The deal comes as part of the French insurance company's plans to further develop and promote its products in the Gulf region. On September 20th 2011, AXA Cooperative Insurance Company, the French insurance company's Saudi Arabia-based shareholding company,…

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India to Introduce Portability for Health Insurance Policies

From July 1st 2011, health insurance policy holders in India will be able to change insurance providers, without the fear of losing their benefits from their previous policy. With the new initiative issued by the IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority), industry leaders in India predict an increase in competition among health insurance providers, as policy-holders will be afforded greater…

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Sale of AIA to Prudential under watch by HK Insurance Authority

The Insurance Authority of Hong Kong is said to be analysing the potential impact to the local insurance market resulting from the combination of AIA and Prudential. Of particular interest, whether this deal could diminish the choices of insurance products and services in the market, and what impact would it have to policyholders of the two insurance companies.

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The Health Insurance Market In China, And The Challenges It Faces.

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