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Britain’s Growing Struggle With Gout

Often thought of as a disease of the past, the painful joint swelling known as gout is reemerging as a 21st century medical affliction.

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Uruguay Legalizes Marijuana – At What Cost to Health?

Marijuana’s effects on health are under scrutiny as Uruguay makes the drug both medically and recreationally legal.

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The Next Generation of Condom

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has challenged health care researchers to design a new condom; one that is easy to use and will reduce global incidences of sexually transmitted infections.

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HIV in Adolescents on the Rise

On World AIDS Day 2013, the World Health Organization focused on the issue of children and teens under 18 who need better access to HIV testing and treatment.

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China’s New Health Care Concerns

In China, rapid economic growth has lead to a populace that is wealthier, but not necessarily healthier, thanks to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes.

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Using Social Media to Fight HIV

More and more HIV programs are utilizing social networking to support at-risk communities and encourage HIV testing.

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Positive Policy Change for HIV Positive Healthcare Workers

Changes to the current NHS policy regarding medical workers will mean that as of April 2014, HIV positive doctors, nurses, dentists in the UK will be able to perform surgical procedures as they could before the 1990s when the restriction was imposed. Chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies made the announcements last week and declared that the existing legislation was outdated and introduced…

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Fighting Cancer with HIV

What does two pounds look like? Two pounds is a large chocolate cake. Two pounds is a 10-week-old kitten. Two pounds is eight sticks of butter. Two pounds is a substantial amount, so it's no surprise that the international medical community takes note when researchers announce they've found a method to kill two pounds of cancer cells - by injecting the…

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AIDS in China: Highest Killing Infectious Disease in 2008

The Chinese government recently released a report which gives a better idea of the growing severity of the AIDS problem in the country. The figures from the central government's Ministry of Health show that HIV/AIDS was the leading cause of death by infectious disease last year, killing 6,897 people in the first nine months of 2008. While…

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