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What If Ryan Had Won? The Republican Budget Proposal

Obamacare was signed into law on the 23rd of March, 2010. Since that time, the bill has survived filibuster threats, congressional debate, and challenges in the Supreme Court. Three years later, Republican legislators are still trying to kill Obamacare.

The most recent attacks on Obama's Affordable Care Act have come during U.S. budget negotiations. At the moment, the…

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The Re-Election of Obamacare

When Barack Obama was re-elected to the White House this November, America was reminded that not only is Obama the first African-American to preside in the Oval Office, he is the first president to make health care a primary component of his presidential legacy. Obama's re-election will certainly have important and lasting effects on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as…

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InterGlobal partners with Alfalah Insurance to bring UltraCare products to Pakistan

InterGlobal Ltd. has entered into a partnership arrangement with Pakistani insurer Alfalah Insurance Company, to offer InterGlobal's UltraCare product line of international private medical insurance (PMI) throughout Pakistan.

The new partnership agreement sees Alfalah taking charge of underwriting…

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