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Globalsurance AXA PPP Clients Pleased as Premium Rates Stay Steady with April Adjustment

Posted on Mar 15, 2013 by Sergio Ulloa ()

As AXA PPP recently released their premium increases for April, Globalsurance customers can be pleased to note that the six-month increase will only be about 3 to 5% higher, according to a clients plan level. AXA PPP's first premium increase last October was about 4% across the board. This means that customers are seeing annual increases in premiums of less than 10%, which is average, if not lower, when compared to other insurance companies. Previous semi annual increases, like the one in October, have often times been blanketed increases, regardless of a holders level of plan, including the Standard, Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus plans. This recent announcement of premium adjustments differed, as each level of plan saw different rates of increases. Customers on the Standard plan will see increases of 3%, while those on the Comprehensive plan will see increases of 4%, and Comprehensive Plus plan customers will see premium increases of 5%. Even though customers on different plan levels experienced differing rates of increase, the highest 12-month rate of increase AXA PPP customers will see is 9%, while the lowest is only 7%, figures that are very pleasing for those wishing to stay with their plans. AXA PPP stands out among other insurers with their more than 40 years of experience that has been translated into a wealth of knowledge about the industry and their ability to offer more services, other than just medical benefits. The health insurance provider takes a unique and holistic approach to their coverage, plans and services, making them a perfect fit for expatriates working overseas and ensuring that their unique needs are sufficiently met. Some of their specialized services include MyGlobe, Personal Case Management, Health at Hand and Better Health programs, which are free of charge for all their customers, regardless of plan level. Globalsurance customers are able to take part in the MyGlobe program that is free to AXA PPP insurance holders. This program is an online platform that offers a variety of services that are particularly beneficial for expatriates. Some of the MyGlobe services offered include the ability to search through more than 12,000 internationally recognized providers, view information country-by-country regarding things like important health statistics, local politics, geography and culture. In addition to these basic services, the MyGlobe platform also informs customers of safety alerts and potential dangers, including health outbreaks and terrorist or safety risks. The site provides useful links to airports, embassies and emergency contact personnel. For customers looking for more individually designed services, the Personal Case Management program offers more tailored services. This service is designed to give customers living overseas additional support when seeking and researching the best available healthcare options, especially when language barriers may be an issue. In order to make sure that this service and advice remains unbiased, AXA PPP has outsourced this service to Medix. This company is set up to help customers from the time of diagnosis by introducing the best healthcare providers in their region. Additionally, they will assist with any paperwork required in the claims process and to oversee the customer's case until he or she makes a full recovery. Another one of AXA PPP's customer-oriented services is the Health at Hand program, which is an around-the-clock health assistance line that is staffed with nurses, pharmacists, midwives and counsellors to provide patients with up-to-date information, advice, support and guidance for medicine and treatment. The service is not able to diagnose patients over the phone, but is meant to provide customers with knowledgeable experts who can answer health-related questions when seeking immediate medical attention or advice may be difficult. This is particularly helpful for those living overseas, where health care and seeking medical attention may be challenging due to language barriers. Yet another service that AXA PPP providers to insurance holders is the Better Health site, which offers customers advice for healthy living. Customers can use the platform to access videos, articles and information about healthy living and ways to improve their wellbeing, body and mind. In addition to general health topics, the site offers content that covers how to reduce and manage stress, tips for physical fitness and information on diet and nutrition. The site even offers specific fitness routines and regimens to follow that cater to those of all fitness abilities. Those exercises even expand to mind, memory and stress reduction exercises. Furthermore, there is also a medical fact sheet that people can refer to that gives definition and clarity to health terminology. These are just a few of the ways that AXA PPP are expanding the services and resources they offer customers, beyond standard health and medical coverage. These services are not only helping the insurer to stay competitive but are also creating new platforms for expatriates so that they are better educated and have access to a wider array of information. Globalsurance recognizes AXA PPP's stance as a leader in providing value added services, and customers continue to be satisfied and complimentary of the plans they have benefited from via AXA PPP.
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