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Globalsurance Clients with InterGlobal Provided with Extra Personal Security Protection via Red24

Posted on Feb 22, 2013 by Sergio Ulloa ()

In the wake of several alarming events in the past, including the recent kidnapping of a French family in Cameroon, it is understandable that individuals may be more concerned than normal for their safety. However, Globalsurance clients with InterGlobal plans can put their minds at rest due to their insurers recent partnership with Red24, which will provide clients with free access  to an on-the-ground security network of over 400 global safety specialists, as well as instant area specific safety advice. Red24 offers travel and safety advice for all areas of the globe, full political and natural disaster evacuation for clients on certain plan levels, and general security and safety advice in your residence while living in a different country. Taking care of client's medical wellbeing, as well as their personal safety and home security, is one of the key factors that demonstrate InterGlobal's commitment to their client Red24 is a global security assistance specialist that provides security solutions to corporate or individual members who wish to minimise the safety risks for themselves or their employees while on international assignment. Red24 mainly provides assistance via their member's website which offers safety advice for people living at home or travelling anywhere on the globe. Further to this, they also offer individual and group support in the event of political unrest, kidnap or natural disaster through their international security network of over 400 strategically placed multi-disciplined security specialists around the globe. In addition to their normal benefit for Medical Evacuation, InterGlobal have provided all their members with access to Red24's online international AdviceLine. This provides instant up to date information regarding travel safety issues for over 180 different countries. Clients can simply log into the site and find the country they are travelling to and will be given a full report on the  major safety issues in that country such as: Crime, Terrorism, Conflict, political unrest, kidnap risk and general infrastructure; as well as up to date special reports on specific events that are a safety concern. The site also provides general safety advice both when travelling and residing at home, such as how to prevent identity theft, safety tips for online shopping, personal property and home security advice, conflict management, natural and environmental hazards, security advice for women and more. For clients who have purchased InterGlobal's Comprehensive, Elite or Plus plans, they have access to more advanced security options from Red24 and can make use of their ActionResponse service which provides support on the ground from one of their 400 specialists based worldwide, as well as evacuation in the event of life threatening situations, political unrest, muggings or natural disaster. A good example of how red24 has assisted people in the past refers to the story of two UK expatriate employees working in Valencia, Venezuela who were held at gunpoint in August 2010, and had all their belongings stolen, including their passports. Fortunately, though understandably shaken, they were not injured and were able to return to their hotel.  After the first call from the employer, Red24 immediately contacted the two employees to confirm their well-being  as well as arranging for one of their specialist assistant consultants to travel from a neighbouring city to Valencia to be with the victims and assist them with organising emergency passports, arranging flights back to the UK and accompanying the victims right until they boarded their plane. Another more extreme example regarding the Mumbai terrorist attacks in November 2008, involved a coordinated grenade and gun attack that caused two deaths and numerous injuries. Immediately after the event happened, Red24 contacted all their clients in the region by text message and email advising them to get in contact via phone and confirm their well-being as well as providing them with the necessary advice. For all clients that Red24 were able to get in contact with, an evacuation to safer zones in surrounding cities or countries was coordinated by the Control office in the UK. Furthermore, information was also provided for non members in the area regarding their well-being and safety. All clients travelling to this region in the future were then given text and email updates as to the safety status of the area. Red 24 has 4 main features that enable them to supply the best safety advice to their clients worldwide:
  • City Safety advice - Providing specific city advice about dangerous districts of a foreign city.
  • Cultural Pointers - Advice on what to wear in meetings and how to greet associates in specific countries, such as those in the Middle East.
  • Avoiding Major Natural Hazards - Advice on severe weather conditions in certain areas such as the typhoon prone countries in South East Asia
  • Assistance in Life threatening situations - On the ground assistance in case of Muggings, political unrest, kidnap and natural disaster etc.
The trend of modern globalisation giving birth to expatriate communities is occurring more frequently and this has been accompanied by escalating levels of concern for global safety, especially for expatriates living in areas with higher a density of religious fundamentalism or piracy in under-developed countries. In order to maintain a competitive edge, insurance companies now need to show a more encompassing attitude towards the protection they offer clients, focusing not only on their immediate medical state but their overall safety and well-being as well.
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