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Arab Orient Insurance Company teams up with Bupa International to offer quality healthcare in Jordan

Posted on May 25, 2012 by Sergio Ulloa ()  | Tags: Arab Orient Insurance Compaany, insurance, Jordan

Established in 1996, Jordan based Arab Orient Insurance Company is currently one of the leading providers of general insurance in the Middle East.
Operating as a subsidiary of Gulf Insurance Company, AOIC prides themselves on reliability, quality and superior customer service and believes these characteristics have helped them to dominate the competitive market whilst showing consistent growth over the years. With the Middle East rapidly becoming a global business hub, the economy of Jordan continues to grow and entice expanding businesses. AOIC has reacted positively to this change and has grown along with the country in which it is based. However, the company has always envisioned expansion in their future and hopes to be the first local company to establish an international presence for themselves by expanding wherever possible. British international insurance giants Bupa are helping to fulfill this desire and have signed an agreement enabling AOIC to offer worldwide international health insurance as well as improve the quality of their local insurance services. The collaboration will undeniably have a positive impact on both parties by combining AOIC's local expertise in Jordan with Bupa's knowledge and experience of global health insurance. Bupa first entered the Middle East insurance market over 10 years ago when it successfully planted its roots in Saudi Arabia and formed Bupa Arabia. Now the kingdom's largest health insurer, Bupa will undoubtedly continue to make its mark on the Middle Eastern health insurance industry by forming this positive partnership. AOIC will continue to offer a range of insurance products, but those offered in the health sector will now be serviced by Bupa International and as a result, members of such products will be able to receive treatment in more than 7500 participating hospitals and clinics worldwide as well as the 24 hospitals in Jordan that have now been added to Bupa's ever expanding network. Deputy CEO of AOIC's Medical insurance and customer care Mustafa Melhem is pleased by the prospects the partnership can offer, hoping they will now be able to offer customers an even more personalised experience with unique custom-made plans to fit their personal requirements. AOIC has high hopes for its development and believes its continuous growth will help place Jordan in amongst the list of top countries providing the best insurance services in the Middle East. With the backing power of the worlds leading expatriate health insurance provider now behind them, there is a good chance they will be able to do exactly that. Furthermore, the reputation that Bupa carries both in the UK and internationally should not only benefit AOIC but should positively impact the Jordanian insurance market as a whole. It is partnerships such as these that enable Bupa to stay ahead of the game in international health insurance and it appears that the Middle East may witness many more alliances in the future.
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