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Malaysia's Takaful Train Choo-Choo-Choosing Indonesia

Posted on Mar 16, 2012 by Sergio Ulloa ()

Malaysia largest Islamic insurance companies are now planning on expanding their operations into neighboring Indonesia due to the country's favorable population demographics, low insurance penetration levels and sustainable premium growth opportunities, which all look to far outpace the performance of their home market in the coming years. Islamic insurance products, commonly known as takaful, are mutually beneficial coverage policies that cater specifically to Muslim communities looking for Shariah-compliant savings, investment and protection solutions. Takaful policyholders contribute their premiums to a collective pool managed by an Islamic insurer or bank. Funds are then used to pay off claims and any excess is returned to members sans interest. Indonesia, with a Muslim population exceeding 213 million, has proven to be one of the fastest growing takaful markets in the world, with sales expanding by 48 percent to IDR4.5 trillion (US$490 million) in 2010. While Malaysia still remains ahead of Indonesia's market output for now, with a Muslim population of only 17 million, their Islamic insurance prospects in the long term are not quite as attractive. Read the rest of the Malaysia's Takaful Train Choo-Choo-Choosing Indonesia and health insurance in Indonesia article.

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