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A+ International Insurance May Not Offer Renewals

Posted on Apr 19, 2011 by Sergio Ulloa ()

It has emerged within international private medical insurance industry that A+ International Insurance may not offer policyholders the option of renewing their medical insurance policies in the future. A+ International Insurance's decision to not offer clients a renewal on their IPMI policies may be due to Cigna's purchase of Van Breda International; Van Breda International was integral to A+ International's plan offerings and policy administration. Cigna, a leading US based international insurance provider, purchased Vanbreda International in August 2010 in order to access the Belgian insurer's international reach. A+ International's partnership with Vanbreda International is through Justitia NV. Justitia, an independent insurance company within the Vanbreda Group of companies, is responsible for underwriting A+ International's international health insurance plans. Justitia NV generated premium collections of EUR 18.5 million (US$ 26.3 million) in 2008. While A+ is a relatively new entry to the global health insurance market, the company does have a significant number of policyholders worldwide; the potential denial of renewal terms to existing customers may leave a substantial number of consumers without adequate medical insurance coverage. A+ policyholders are advised to contact the company, or their intermediary, in order to understand their health insurance options in the event that they are not offered a renewal of their current policy. At present there has been no official confirmation from A+ International Insurance regarding future business, but policyholders who have contacted the company have been informed that there may not be renewal terms on their policies.
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