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Dubai Health Authority signs landmark insurance company agreement.

Posted on Mar 08, 2011 by Sergio Ulloa ()

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Green Crescent Insurance Company signed a service level agreement on March 5th 2011. The contract was signed at DHA headquarters by Khalid Al Sheikh Mubarak, Deputy Director General of the DHA and Carl J. Sardegna, CEO of Green Crescent Insurance Company. This deal makes Green Crescent the first insurance company in the UAE to have direct billing access to the DHA's public-run hospitals and primary health care centers. The 110,000 current Green Crescent insurance card holders will now be granted access to all DHA hospitals and health centers. The Dubai Health Authority is a government organization tasked with overseeing the healthcare sector of the Emirate of Dubai. The DHA was created in 2007 under the directive of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai. Medical care services throughout Dubai can be provided through DHA medical facilities including hospitals (Al Wasl, Dubai and Rashid), specialty centers (The Joslin Diabetes Center) and numerous primary health centers. Khalid Al Sheikh Mubarak celebrated this agreement that demonstrates the DHA's commitment to developing robust public-private health care partnerships for Dubai. "At the DHA, it is our mission to provide the best possible health services to the people living and working in Dubai as well as visitors who come to the UAE. Our facilities provide expert and specialized care especially in certain medical fields like maternity and child care and we are glad to extend our services to the members of Green Crescent Insurance Company." Mr. Sardegna highlighted the importance of this deal for Green Crescent Insurance Company. "Our philosophy is to offer our members choice and by adding such outstanding and well-regarded facilities offered by DHA hospitals, we will enhance our product offerings." An effective collaboration between Green Crescent Insurance and the DHA's Dubai Diabetes Center was the precursor for the agreement and expanding the scope of the partnership between the two organizations. The implementation of the Green Crescent Model for Diabetes Management was a marked success for the DHA facility. Clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction targets were achieved and further services, including maternity, child care and other specialized treatment, then became included as part of the joint venture. Dr. Ibtesam Bastaki, DHA Director of Business Development & Projects reported, "Green Crescent is the first insurance company to work and collaborate with DHA in providing the medical services to insured members. This agreement was preceded by an initial agreement whereby Green Crescent insurance holders had access to care at the Dubai Diabetes Centre which is a specialized centre for Diabetes management and care." Dr. Bastaki claimed further that the direct-billing agreement confirms the client's trust in DHA medical services as well as the DHA's interest to further participate with such private entities in the future. At present there are around 30 different insurance companies in the United Arab Emirates, however only Daman and Green Crescent focus solely on providing health insurance. Insurance Companies Mentioned: Daman National Health Insurance: Daman Health InsuranceDaman was formed on September 26 2005 and became the UAE's first specialized National Health Insurance Company. The company offers many insurance products with added benefits, extended policy limits and a wide geographical coverage network. Daman has contracted more than 450,000 providers around the globe including 1,700 providers in the UAE with direct billing services throughout the United Arab Emirates. Green Crescent Insurance Company: Green Crescent Insurance CompanyGreen Crescent Insurance Company was founded in 2008 as a public joint-stock company funded by a paid-up capital of AED 250 million. The company operates out of the UAE providing a wide variety of customized health insurance products to groups and corporate clients in the Gulf region. Contractual agreements with United Healthcare and HTH Worldwide, two well renowned healthcare providers in the United States, and NAS (a leading administrative firm in the UAE) help deliver efficient, reliable, and comprehensive solutions for customers.
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