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Aetna Global Benefits expands Executive Healthcare Plan in Africa

Posted on Sep 27, 2010 by Sergio Ulloa ()  | Tags: Aetna Global Benefits, Executive Healthcare Plan, Executive Healthcare Solutions

Aetna Global Benefits (AGB) has announced a new international health insurance plan in Africa as part of their Executive Healthcare Plan lineup, targeted at regionally mobile individuals and groups. Aetna Global Benefits offers the Executive Healthcare Plan (EHP) line of international health insurance products in partnership with Kenya-based medical insurance provider Executive Healthcare Solutions. The Executive Healthcare Plans offer three coverage areas, which include the usual Worldwide and Worldwide excluding the U.S. areas of coverage, as well as Africa plus India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The new EHP Lifestyle plan includes a number of benefits over and above hospitalization and out-patient treatment, such as routine and restorative dental treatment up to US$ 1000, full refund for vaccinations and inoculations, routine management of chronic conditions, pregnancy and childbirth benefits, newborn cover including congenital anomalies, HIV/AIDS treatment, hormone replacement therapy, home nursing benefits, transportation of mortal remains or local burial costs, and hospital cash benefits. Like other Executive Healthcare Plans, policyholders have access to Aetna Global Benefits' Global Health Databank as well as the Health and Wellness Centre. AGB's Global Health Databank offers the ability to look up medical facilities, medical translation services, city profiles and safety and security information from around the world. The Health and Wellness Centre offers users educational information and resources on health conditions in the region. Stuart Leatherby, the Aetna Global Benefits Managing Director for the Middle East and Africa said "We are extremely pleased to offer an additional medical plan for customers in the region that provides increased benefits and benefit levels. This demonstrates our continued commitment to providing employers and individuals with a wide range of products and services to address their specific benefit or economic requirements." Insurance Companies Mentioned: Aetna Global Benefits Aetna Global Benefits LogoAetna Global Benefits, the international business segment of Aetna, is committed to helping create a stronger, healthier global community by delivering comprehensive health benefits and health management solutions worldwide. AGB's expatriate business is one of the industry's largest and most prominent US-based international health benefits providers, supporting more than 400,000 members worldwide. The organisation's health management business collaborates with healthcare systems, government entities and plan sponsors around the world to design and build locally-applied health management solutions to improve health, quality and cost outcomes. Executive Healthcare Solutions Executive Healthcare Solutions is a well established Kenyan medical insurance provider, with over 50 years of experience in dealing with international insurance arrangements. Executive Healthcare Solutions has been actively participating in the international private medical insurance market for over 10 years. The company is Aetna Global Benefits and subsidiaries' principal representative for the Executive Healthcare Plan in Africa, and currently has approximately 10,000 members across Africa.
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