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Bupa Expands Health Care Select Product Line

Posted on Aug 27, 2010 by Sergio Ulloa ()  | Tags: Cancer Cover, Heart Medical Cover

Bupa has added Health Care Select 3 Plus (HCS3P) as a fifth choice in their Care Select insurance product line, effectively extending their Heartbeat range of plans offered to individuals in search of private medical insurance. In the scheme of the Heartbeat Range, Health Care Select 1 delivers the most comprehensive cover, whilst Health Care Select 4 brings the lowest level of cover. Health Care Select 3 Plus fits right in between these two levels of medical cover. A specialist plan that provides medical cover for heart and cancer is also included under the Heartbeat Range. Health Care Select 3 Plus covers the full cost of hospital charges and the fees of consultants for in-patient and day treatment, including cancer treatment. Also covered are the full cost of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, diagnostic tests and therapies for cancer treatment, as well as eligible outpatient cancer drugs. The benefits for outpatient treatment have a coverage ceiling of US$1,550 (EUR 1,220) for the combined cost of consultations, diagnostic tests, physiotherapy and other therapies. Other benefits in this new HCS3P plan include the cost of a private ambulance up to US$93 (EUR 73) each tip, accommodation for one parent when staying with a child under 12 years of age who is receiving in-patient treatment, plus access to the Bupa health line service. Not covered under this plan are the complementary medicine and psychiatric treatments. By removing benefits such as psychiatric treatment and limiting the outpatient coverage, this plan reduces the amount paid in the form of premiums, something that clients concerned with the cost of the plan may find reasonable, as not all clients feel that these benefits are necessary. As a trend, the modular approach in the level of cover offered by insurance product lines, like the Heartbeat Range offered by Bupa, is gaining attention among providers of private medical insurance and other companies are coming out with their respective product offerings. The following table summarizes the benefits offered by the Health Care Select products in the Heartbeat Range: Insurance Company mentioned: Bupa Bupa LogoBupa is an international health insurance company that provides health insurance for individuals and companies all over the world. Bupa has offices on three continents and over 7 million customers' world wide. As a provident association Bupa has no shareholders, because of this it uses its profits to invest in healthcare and medical facilities around the world.
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