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Manulife Life Japan Changes Strategy to Tap Market

Posted on Aug 19, 2010 by Sergio Ulloa ()  | Tags: Fixed Annuities, Flexible Annuities, Japan, Manulife, Manulife Japan

Manulife Life Insurance Co. plans to launch newly developed products, supported by a diversified distribution strategy to match the changing dynamics of the mature insurance market in Japan. The ageing population and weak stock market are perceived by Manulife as having potential for offering life insurance products, which are backed up by the ability to create protection for wealth management and long-term savings. Ageing populations tend to have an increased demand for insurance products that can accumulate, preserve and transfer wealth. The current economic, socio-economic and demographic trends present in Japan present new opportunities to the life insurance sector. For the past two decades, the Japanese stock market has had a low performance and the interest rates remained close to zero during the past 10 years. Consumers in Japan have been turning towards fixed and variable yield annuities supported by an underlying guarantee as an alternative form of investment. Likewise, consumers are buying medical insurance as the means to satisfy the ever growing need for healthcare. Manulife Japan is a subsidiary of Canada-based Manulife Life Financial Group. Their strategy for the future is to provide a wider diversity of insurance products through multiple sales channels, which will complement the recently launched foreign-denominated fixed annuities offered to the financial institutions. According to recent reports, Bancassurance in Japan shares the vision of Manulife and foresees significant opportunities ahead, due to the steady shift in focus of banks and security firms towards a more diversified range of products, departing from the tradition of primarily offering variable annuities. Towards the end of last month Manulife Japan launched a new annuity product { /blog/new-annuity-product-launched-by-manulife-in-japan-153220.html }, at a time when fixed annuity products denominated in yen and other foreign currencies continue having a positive reception. Although declining in comparison to previous years, the number of life insurance companies offering variable annuities continue offering their products to the Japanese market. Manulife Japan was established in 1999. They now operate through approximately 120 local sales offices and eight regional offices with more than 3,000 tied agents. Back in the year 2002 Manulife Japan started to offer over-the-counter sales of individual annuity products through financial institutions, followed by the sale of insurance products in 2009. At present, the company has sales alliances with more than 40 banks and securities firms. Insurance Company mentioned: Manulife Manulife Life Insurance Company, Japan. Manulife Financial was one of the first foreign life insurance companies to establish operations in Japan, entering the market in 1901. Manulife re-entered Japan in 1999, laying the foundation for the establishment of Manulife Life Insurance Company (Manulife Japan). The vision of Manulife Japan is to be the most professional life insurance company in Japan, providing leading financial protection and wealth management products and services, and learning from and quickly adapting to its customers? changing needs.
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