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Expatriate Healthcare Introduces No Claims Discounts on International Health Insurance

Posted on Jul 05, 2010 by Sergio Ulloa ()  | Tags: Expatriate Healthcare

International health insurance company Expatriate Healthcare has announced it will introduce an awards scheme for their customers, which comes as part of an effort to reinvigorate their expatriate private medical insurance plans. As of July 1st 2010, Expatriate Healthcare will offer both new and existing customers discounts on their premium for staying claims-free for a year or more. The rewards scheme, dubbed Premium Rewards, will give customers who haven't made a claim within the policy year an automatic 10% discount on their premium, with discounts rising to 15% in the second year of no claims, and 20% after the third year. Expatriate Healthcare has also made some improvements in plan benefits. The international health insurer has introduced optical cover in the top level policy, EUR 30,000 (US$ 37,660) in cover for palliative treatments, as well as cover for outpatient psychiatric care, compassionate travel cover and family passionate care. Expatriate Healthcare is also offering clients a new excess level, set at EUR 5,000 (US$ 6,274). Lee Gerry, the Healthcare Manager at Expatriate Healthcare said "We believe that we have taken the lead in the expatriate medical insurance market in introducing a reward based scheme. It will offer a key selling point for brokers. Our aim has always been to focus on offering value for money, in particular through offering a flexible range of policies that mean intermediaries can offer affordable options to their customers, that fit with individual requirements," Insurance Company Mentioned: Expatriate Healthcare Expatriate Healthcare LogoExpatriate Healthcare is an expatriate-centric health insurance company owned and operated by Strategic Insurance Services Limited (SISL). Strategic Insurance Services Limited was started in 1997, and now operates out of London in the United Kingdom. Expatriate Healthcare offers international health insurance to all expatriates living abroad, except for people living in the United States and Switzerland.
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