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Interim successor to Groom named by AXA PPP

Posted on Jun 09, 2010 by Sergio Ulloa ()  | Tags: 2010 World Cup

The departure of Nick Groom as the Distribution Director for AXA PPP healthcare after just over one year in the position, has been swiftly followed by the naming of James Freeston as his interim successor. Mr. Freeston will be reporting directly to AXA PPP CEO Keith Gibbs, and will oversee the sales and marketing activities of the company for large and small corporate customers, including the intermediary relationships that cover medical insurance, occupational health, employee assistance programmes and other support services for employee well-being provided by AXA IACS. Mr. Freeston has over 22 years of experience performing at varied sales and marketing roles working mostly at AXA PPP in the UK medical insurance industry, making him well-suited to handle the responsibilities demanded by his interim role as distribution director. He has been a sitting member on AXA's management committee, and will continue in this capacity in the meanwhile. In a separate note related to fitness during the upcoming Football World Cup, Ms Lucy Wyndham-Read, a personal trainer from AXA PPP has made the suggestion that ladies remember to get kitted up and do some exercise. The suggestion goes to football fans that intend to watch televised games from home. In particular, her advice centres against allowing the football matches to replace the normal activities of an individual, and suggests planning a swim, jog or brisk walk around the fixtures. A reminder of the options available whilst supporting their favourite team during an actual game were also highlighted by Ms Wyndham-Read, including side reaches and star jumps. Similar to the above exercise advice during the World Cup, the Food Standards Agency is publishing a healthy-eating guidance to the public with the aim of ensuring that people don't let themselves go too much. It is estimated that TV football fans, affectionately known as "couch potatoes", will put on an average of almost five pounds (2.27 kilograms) during the four weeks of the World Cup, fuelled by soaring sales of junk food delivered to their doorsteps. This projection is based on an extra intake of 340 calories per World Cup match. On average, according to research done by Men's Health Magazine, a man will drink four cans of beer, eat three slices of pizza, half a bag of crisps and half a pot of dip, equivalent to 1,913 calories. It is advised that a combination of lack of exercise and poor diet may even lead to death, according to a study by AXA PPP healthcare. Since men will spend an average of 38 hours watching the football, consuming up to 20,180 calories, in particular persons with an underlying coronary heart disease, the resulting obesity and increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke should not be overlooked. The message is not to discourage people from enjoying the fun and the great atmosphere the tournament brings, but to be alert of the risks of overindulging in junk food whilst remaining inactive. Insurance Company mentioned: AXA PPP AXA PPP Healthcare logoOriginally known as PPP Insurance, the company became part of the Global AXA Group in 1999 and changed its name to AXA PPP in 2002. AXA PPP is now an international health insurance company with over 2 million customers around the world.
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