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Philippine Health Insurance Corporation opens Saudi Arabian office

Posted on Jun 08, 2010 by Sergio Ulloa ()  | Tags: PhilHealth, Philippine Health Insurance Company

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), which is the arm of the Philippine Government that runs the National Health Insurance Program, is opening an office in Saudi Arabia's capitol, Riyadh, in order to provide better service to the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) employed in the country. The Philippine Health Insurance Company office, the organization's first in the Middle East, will open in the Philippines Embassy in Riyadh. PhilHealth's new office opening is accompanied by the distribution of flyers to OFWs with information on National Health Insurance Program membership procedures, program benefits, and how to take advantage of services. This acts both as a way to raise awareness of  health insurance plan benefits and a reminder to regularly pay premiums for people already enrolled, as well as a marketing drive for OFWs in Saudi Arabia who would like to be members. The PhilHealth office will also assist OFWs with making benefits claims, changes in membership details and collection of premiums, which are set at PHP 900 (USD 19.30). PhilHealth has a number of agreements with banks for collection of premiums to ensure that payments are easy to make for OFWs, so that they do not lose out on health insurance coverage. PhilHealth's currently has agreements for overseas premium collections with the Development Bank of Philippines, iRemit, and Philippine Veterans Bank. Benefits offered by the Philippine Health Insurance Company through the National Health Insurance Program cover inpatient hospital treatments including room and board, operating room fees, Laboratory tests, X-rays, medications, examination and doctor's fees, which are automatically subtracted from the beneficiary's hospital bill prior to leaving the hospital. PhilHealth also reimburses the costs of medical treatment for members receiving said treatment abroad. Insurance Company Mentioned: Philippine Health Insurance Corporation Philippine Health Insurance Company LogoThe Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, also known as PhilHealth, is a company owned by the Philippines Government that oversees the financing of the Philippines National Health Insurance Program. Set up in 1995 according to Republic Act 7875 or "The National Health Insurance Act of 1995", The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation is tasked with the collection of premiums from National and Local governments as well as members while they work towards providing social health insurance cover for all Filipinos.
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