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AXA PPP launches new Corporate Health Plan

Posted on May 27, 2010 by Sergio Ulloa ()  | Tags: Corporate Health Plan Pathways

AXA PPP healthcare unveiled a new health insurance plan for the UK corporate health insurance market and targeted at larger corporations, the new plan is called Corporate Health Plan Pathways. Corporate Health Plan Pathways is designed to offer the same benefits as other AXA PPP corporate health plans available with reduced costs due to one important difference. When participants in the plan need to see a specialist, whether for investigative procedures or medical treatment, instead of receiving a referral from their GP for a specific medical professional or clinic, plan members will receive an open referral whereupon AXA PPP will source the appropriate specialist for them from their list of healthcare providers which have been assessed for quality. This change in the policy means that AXA PPP can negotiate the prices of treatment with their selected providers more effectively, making for more cost effective treatment from specialists. The savings from this more efficient procurement of specialist services can be up to 15%, AXA PPP can then pass the savings onto clients leading to a reduced-price health insurance plan with the same benefits. The Corporate Health Plan Pathways also offers participants in the scheme the choice of whether to receive treatment at a location close to their home or close to their place of employment, whichever may be more convenient for them. AXA PPP's Corporate Health Plan Pathways requires that enrollees contact AXA PPP prior to treatment and receive authorization. Although, after the treatment has been signed off on by AXA PPP, the plan member can be assured that all associated costs will be covered in full. The scheme is targeted at employers with 75 or more employees and AXA PPP will be able to provide additional services such as making appointments for plan members in many cases. Insurance Company Mentioned: AXA PPP AXA PPP Healthcare logoOriginally known as PPP Insurance, the company became part of the Global AXA Group in 1999 and changed its name to AXA PPP in 2002. AXA PPP is now an international health insurance company with over 2 million customers around the world.
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