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IMG Europe revamps GlobalSelect product with enhanced benefits

Posted on May 12, 2010 by Sergio Ulloa ()  | Tags: GlobalSelect, IMG, International Health Insurance, International Medical Group

International Medical Group (IMG) Europe Ltd has announced improvements to the list of benefits of its central health insurance product, GlobalSelect International Healthcare Cover which initially launched in 2005. The GlobalSelect product is available for both expatriates and local citizens worldwide and is designed with individuals and families who tend to work, live, or travel abroad regularly. The enhancements to the GlobalSelect product include both added side benefits and financial incentives, including a 15% No Claims Discount on premiums after only one year if there are no claims at renewal time. Also included in the list of improvements added to GlobalSelect health insurance plans are vision and hearing tests, as well as routine vaccinations, as part of an annual wellness benefit which does not count against your No Claims Discount. The plan also offers various international security benefits like identity theft, security and political evacuation and repatriations benefits, natural disaster evacuation and accommodation benefits and benefits for out of country criminal assault. All new GlobalSelect international health insurance applicants will receive a 15% new business discount on their premiums. The Managing Director of IMG Europe, Carl Carter said that customer feedback on rewarding loyalty inspired the addition of the No Claims Discount to the GlobalSelect international health insurance plans, and also noted that "Expats' needs are changing as assignments become more challenging and move farther afield, gone are the days where a 'one size fits all' old style expat medical plan will suffice. Expats need choice and flexibility of cover, and in many cases they are now looking for protection over and above that of traditional in-patient and out-patient costs." Insurance Companies Mentioned: International Medical Group (IMG) International Medical Group (IMG) LogoInternational Medical Group (IMG) is an Indianapolis, Indiana-based insurance provider which has been focused on providing expatriates and international travelers with high quality health, travel, life and indemnity insurance. IMG has a number of subsidiary companies which allow it to offer flexible products and 24-hour customer services to cover every insurance need in the international community. In their 20 years of business, IMG has grown to become a leading administrator of international insurance products worldwide, with more than a million customers around the globe.
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