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Companies get Gold Superior Plan Offer from Bupa International

Posted on May 11, 2010 by Sergio Ulloa ()  | Tags: Gold Superior Plan

Making a significant enhancement to the line of international health insurance cover offered to companies with globally-mobile employees, Bupa International has now made available the Gold Superior plan, plus a new range of dental benefit options. Bupa International modelled this latest Gold Superior offering based on feedback received from intermediaries and company customers, and comes in addition to their three existing products, known as Essential, Classic and Gold. The added benefits of the Gold Superior plan, which are among the most generous currently offered in the market, include: Levels of cover enhanced to the most extensive available in the market, higher annual benefit up to a maximum of US$10 million (EUR 7.5 million), full refund for family doctor visits, outpatient drugs and dressings, wellness benefit of US$2,000 (EUR 1,500) including a full health screening worth US$700 (EUR 460), up to 60 outpatient therapist visits a year, routine maternity benefits increased to US$16,000 (EUR 12,000) and up to US$28,000 (EUR 21,000) for medically necessary caesarean sections, increased dental cover of up to US$4,000 (EUR 3,000) and additional optical coverage benefits. The Gold Superior plan can be adjusted to different levels of cover depending upon the particular needs of each employee, plus the option to include geographical cover in the USA as well as assistance covers. Companies with globally-mobile employees which have staff members assigned to countries where the quality of private healthcare is sub-standard or missing, are among the customers this Enhanced Company Plan can benefit the most, bringing peace of mind to their key employees in the form of assured well-being. Furthermore, the improved host of benefits offered in this enhanced international health insurance policy can be extended to the family of the employee, which plan administrators may use as a tool for increased staff morale, helping the company retain their best and brightest staff. Insurance Company mentioned: Bupa Bupa LogoBupa is an international health insurance company that provides health insurance for individuals and companies all over the world. Bupa has offices on three continents and over 7 million customers' world wide. As a provident association Bupa has no shareholders, because of this it uses its profits to invest in healthcare and medical facilities around the world.
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