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BUPA International's call center gets internet age solution

Posted on Apr 26, 2010 by Sergio Ulloa ()  | Tags: Avaya, Azzurri

BUPA International's Brighton-based call center is to get a new communication management system, supplied, executed and managed by Azzurri Communications. Azzurri's information management solution, which is based on Avaya's Communication Manager platform, will assist the 600 advisers and staff at BUPA International's call center in effectively communicating with customers around the world 24-hours a day. Given that customers can reach the call center at any time via telephone and email, the information management system allows BUPA to coordinate and keep track of communications between customers and staff By amalgamating traditional analogue, digital and internet-based exchanges into a seamless communications system, BUPA can provide more flexible, responsive administration leading towards better customer service experiences for their customers around the world. The solution holds the capacity to handle the communications rolling in from the thousands of individual customers BUPA International has around the world, and its ability to synchronize information coming through multiple channels means that correspondence with customers will be focused and coordinated. The communication management platform will be supported by a data center in Staines, Middlesex, where precautions have been taken to make it as resilient as possible, ensuring a minimum of down time or lost data in unexpected circumstances. With the communication processing and administration concentrated in the data center's servers, BUPA International will have the ability to roll out the platform's applications to other call centers worldwide in the future. Stuart Pennington, a Project Manager at BUPA International says that "We have more than 800,000 customers around the world, all in different time zones, who can contact us at any time by phone and email.  Our multi-lingual advisers need a robust, well supported and flexible IP-based communications solution which enables them to provide high levels of customer service round the clock. We also need to be able to deliver multi-channel or integrated contact management, so we can link phone and email conversations to individual customers. Azzurri has the experience and scale to offer the global support we need." Companies Mentioned: BUPA International Bupa LogoBUPA International is the expatriate health insurance arm of Brighton-based BUPA, a provident association offering health insurance and other healthcare solutions. After starting in the expatriate health insurance business in 1971, BUPA International now provides international health insurance to more than 800,000 clients in over 190 countries, with customers including some of the world's biggest companies. Their international health networks offer access to more than 200,000 medical providers around the globe, and direct settlement services with more than 7,500 hospitals and clinics.
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