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Chartis Partners with MMR Inc

Posted on Apr 09, 2010 by Sergio Ulloa ()  | Tags: Chartis, insurance, Medical Records, MMR, Savings

Chartis Inc, a globally leading general insurance company specializing in property-casualty products, has announced an innovative partnership with MMR Information Systems to provide electronic health records to health insurance policyholders around the world. MMR will provide Chartis with access to it's MyMedicalRecords Technology, enabling policyholders of Chartis' health insurance products to store, manage, and update their medical records in a smooth and efficient manner. The information will be stored on the website and use sophisticated encryption software to ensure that personal privacy is protected. In addition to the centralized hosting of electronic medical records, Chartis health insurance policyholders will also be given a separate emergency account which will enable first responders and emergency medical personnel to access vital healthcare information on the spot, without having to wait for physical copies of the information. According to US government analysis, moving to a paperless healthcare system would see significant savings with regards to healthcare costs. It is estimated that approximately US$ 77 billion per year could be saved if healthcare practitioners did not have to rely on out-dated means of gathering patient data. As such, the move by Chartis may prove to be a potential cost saver for many policyholders, in addition to providing a vital resource to expatriates worldwide in an era of heightened international mobility. Chariman and CEO of MMR, Robert Lorsch, said of the partnership, "It is especially exciting to work with Chartis to introduce this life-saving service at a time when the world is spending hundreds of billions of dollars on health information technologies." Companies Mentioned Chartis Inc Chartis Partners with MMR information SystemsA leading property-casualty and general insurance company, Chartis has over 40 million policyholders in 160 countries worldwide. With more than 90 years experience in the insurance industry, and a range of progressive products, Chartis aims to help clients comprehensively manage risk. MMR Information Systems A wholly owned subsidiary of MyMedicalRecords Inc, MMR provides health information technologies to individual consumers and multinational companies around the world.
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