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CIGNA International offers health assessment on Expatriate Benefits plans

Posted on Mar 05, 2010 by Sergio Ulloa ()

CIGNA International is to begin offering an international health assessment tool to help identify health risks for expatriate employees. The preventative tool is aimed at identifying areas of health risk for employees that may endanger their work assignment, and comes with any CIGNA International Expatriate Benefits (CIEB) standard health plan to fully insured customers at no extra charge. The assessment comes as a multilingual online questionnaire, which CIGNA says can be completed in about 20 minutes on CIGNA International Expatriate Benefits secure website The questionnaire, developed by London-based CIGNA company vielife, can also be customized to contain questions relating to specific geographical areas and will be available in 20 languages by the end of 2010. CIGNA says that once the customer answers a series of questions about their lifestyle and health habits, upon completion they will be sent an electronic report detailing potential health risks as well as a section on the customers' current health status and recommendations for improving their health. CIGNA notes that the questionnaire is both voluntary and confidential. Sonny Patel, CIEB's Senior Director of Global Health Solutions said "Completing a health assessment provides individuals with practical, appropriate and achievable recommendations in areas such as stress, nutrition, physical fitness, sleep and work/life balance. It's an important resource in helping employers ensure their expatriate employees can fulfill their work assignments and enjoy life while away from home," Companies Mentioned: CIGNA International Expatriate Benefits CIGNA LogoFor more than 125 years, CIGNA has been helping people lead healthier, more secure lives. The company provides health care and related benefits offered through the workplace. Key product lines include health care products and services (medical, pharmacy, behavioral health, clinical information management, dental and vision benefits, and case and disease management); and group disability, life and accident insurance. In addition, CIGNA also provides life, accident, health and expatriate employee benefits insurance coverage in selected international markets, primarily in Asia and Europe.
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