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CIGNA Enlarges Providers Base in Russia

Posted on Feb 18, 2010 by Sergio Ulloa ()  | Tags: CIGNA, Expatriate, Healthcare, International Health Insurance, Russia

As part of CIGNA International's continued efforts to expand its international business base, it now possesses a network of 4,000 hospitals and clinics in Russia, as per announcement released early this week by the company's marketing arm. Prior to this announcement, CIGNA Corp. counted with just 18 Russian healthcare providers. This enlarged base of providers taps into a dense cluster of medical professionals residing in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where many expatriates work. CIGNA International Expatriate Benefits is responsible for managing this network, which has a membership of about 300,000 expatriates, mostly non-Americans. In an effort to provide a wider range of services and quality healthcare to expats throughout Russia, CIGNA has taken steps to ensure that it is able to provide continuing high levels of service to its policyholders. As part of its international push, CIGNA is expected to announce further expansions in the near future. Insurance Company mentioned: CIGNA International For more than 125 years, CIGNA has been helping people lead healthier, more secure lives. The company provides health care and related benefits offered through the workplace. Key product lines include health care products and services (medical, pharmacy, behavioural health, clinical information management, dental and vision benefits, and case and disease management); and group disability, life and accident insurance. In addition, CIGNA also provides life, accident, health and expatriate employee benefits insurance coverage in selected international markets, primarily in Asia and Europe.
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