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Aetna Global Benefits Targets Middle East and Africa Wellness

Posted on Feb 08, 2010 by Sergio Ulloa ()

In an effort to provide more comprehensive levels of coverage and support to policyholders located in Africa and the Middle East, Aetna, a leading international health insurance company, today announced that it would be launching its Online Wellness Center to support plan members in the region. Aetna Global Benefits, the international arm of the Aetna insurance company, created its Online Wellness Center to help combat some of the more serious health risks throughout the Middle East and Africa. With a higher preponderance to risk of coronary artery disease, cancer, and serious heart conditions, expatriates and local nationals throughout these regions may often be unaware of the serious health risks posed by everyday life. Aetna has designed their online tool with the aim of educating and informing their policyholders, as well as giving them the resources which they need to find adequate and comprehensive care in the event of a serious illness or untoward accident. Mark Jardin, the Managing Director for Aetna Global Benefits in Africa and the Middle East stated that the company wants "to engage, educate and motivate members through the AGB Wellness Centre." Mark was appointed MD of the company's Africa and Middle East business in May 2009. One of the primary reasons for the deployment of Aetna's Online Wellness Center is the preponderance of Cancer throughout the region. Currently, cancer is the second leading cause of mortality worldwide, and responsible for a third of deaths in the United Arab Emirates. Aetna's Online Wellness Center now gives policyholders in the Middle East and Africa the ability to actively manage their healthcare in light of worsening health trends; something which Aetna hopes will promote healthy lifestyles and living throughout the region. Insurance Companies Mentioned Aetna: Aetna Corporate Logo Founded in 1853, Aetna is one of the leading health insurance companies in the USA. Continually working on innovating and improving healthcare and services for their policyholders, Aetna is committed to providing comprehensive insurance coverage for American citizens. Aetna Global Benefits: Aetna Global BenefitsThe international health insurance arm of Aetna, AGB is able to cater to the needs of expatriates located around the globe. With innovative policies, and dedication to service, Aetna Global Benefits exemplifies the commitment to the customer shown by their parent company.
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