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Individual Health Insurance Plan
Individual Plan
Individual Health Plan

We understand how important your wellbeing is, and securing an individual health insurance plan can grant you the assurance that you will be cared for to the highest standards at the best facilities.



Family Health Insurance
Family Plan
Family Health Plan

Finding the right protection for your family is a top priority.  We understand the need for the highest quality treatment at the best medical facilities, and are here to secure your family’s health insurance.

Travel and Short Term Insurance
Travel Plan
Travel Plan

The best travel plans are the ones which can offer a range of options and stay flexible, as you may need to be away for a specific amount of time, and require a specific amount of cover.

With our expert advice on the full range of travel and medical insurance available, we will ensure you are ready for the journey.

Maternity Cover
Maternity Plan
Maternity Plan

Maternity plans may appear complicated, especially with the sheer number of options available. Wrapping your head around the details can relieve some of the pressure, so we recommended getting to grips with what you can do with a plan, and how it will benefit your new family.


Insurance for Chronic Conditions
Pre-existing Plan
Pre-existing Medical Plan

We understand that medical conditions differ, with some minor and others that are difficult to manage. The best way to manage a pre-existing health condition through arranging medical insurance is to seek somebody that understands the process fully. Finding the right plan to suit your specific needs is where we come in.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance
Senior Citizens
Senior Citizen Plan

Buying health insurance gets significantly more difficult as you get older. We always recommend taking great care when choosing which options to include.


Emergency Evacuation Insurance
Evacuation Plan
Emergency Evacuation

There are a number of countries that do not possess the modern treatments or facilities necessary to deal with serious injury or medical emergencies. The costs of a medical emergency in a foreign country can accumulate quickly, and a global health insurance plan is one way to secure evacuation to a hopsital.

Health Insurance for Teachers
Teacher Plan
Teacher Plan

Teaching abroad is both rewarding and challenging, and life in a new country involives adjusting to a new environment. To guarantee your well-being in a country you may be relatively unfamiliar with, we advise you look into our teacher plans.

International Health Insurance Cover in USA
USA Cover
USA Cover

The USA is renowned for it's quality of medical care. As the most expensive in the world, medical care in the USA is not a standard feature for most international health insurance plans but can be offered as a separate add-on.

Health Insurance Plans
All Plans
All Medical Plans

Review the plans we have on offer. Each of our products can be catered specially to suit your circumstance or situation.

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Israel Health Insurance

For millions of people around the world, Israel is the ‘Holy Land’, with Jerusalem a holy city for the three largest monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Other reasons to visit may include interests in archaeology, eco-tours and beaches. The State of Israel is a country located in the Middle-East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It shares borders with Lebanon in the north, Syria in the northeast, Jordan in the east, and Egypt in the southwest. The geography of Israel offers a wide range of variety and is divided into three main regions - the coastal plain, the mountain region and the Jordan Valley Rift. There are countless different ways to describe life in Israel, perhaps cultured, spiritual and fun are best suited expressions. The daily life and culture in Israel are as diverse as its citizens. Israel is a country full of immigrants, the current population is over 7 million, embracing a diversity of people with varied ethnic backgrounds, lifestyles, religions, cultures and traditions. 

Despite the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, without doubt, Israel is still one of the most beautiful parts of the world, with alternating scenes of sea, desert, ancient towns and green nature reserves.

Israel has excellent medical facilities. In case of an emergency, tourists may go to all emergency units and first-aid centers in the country. However, any form of medical treatment can be expensive in this country. As such, medical insurance is highly recommended.

To ensure that medical costs for yourself and your family will be covered in case of an accident or illness while traveling in Israel, an international medical insurance plan will be the perfect solution for you. Plans can be tailored-made to give you flexibility, meeting your individual needs, and may include benefits such as chronic conditions, travel, maternity, dental and many other conditions. 


Israel Healthcare System Information

Israel is a country that is proud of their availability of superb and affordable medical care for all the population. The standard of the nation’s health services is very high. It consists of top-quality medical resources and research, modern hospital facilities and an impressive ratio of physicians to population (a density of 37 per 10,000 population). It is also reflected in Israel’s low infant mortality rate (4.22 per 1,000 live births) and long life expectancy (82.95 years for women, 78.62 for men), the 13th highest in the world.

In Israel, imposed by law, the healthcare system applies to all ages, from infant to elderly. It provides a basket of medical services, including medical diagnosis and treatment, preventive medicine, hospitalisation, surgery and transplants, etc. for all residents of Israel. All medical services are supplied by the country’s four health care funds. To be eligible, a citizen must pay a health insurance tax. The total expenditure on health as a percentage of GDP spent in Israel is about 7.8% (US$2,263 on health per capita), which is more than other developed countries. Although the government covers the medical expenses for their citizens, tourists, expatriates or non-permanent residents are not entitled to this benefit. In fact, the healthcare system in Israel is one of the most expensive ones in the world. It is the 2nd most expensive after the USA, and on a par with Hong Kong.

The total Palestinian population is estimated to be approximately 10 million. Over half of them are stateless and lack of citizenship in any country. About 50% of all Palestinians live in the area comprising Israel, the West Bank including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. The remaining 50% lives elsewhere around the world, many are refugees.

There are four major health service providers in Palestine; namely, The Ministry of Health (MOH), United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA), Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs), and private providers. The MOH provides primary, secondary and some tertiary health services; it also purchases some tertiary services from private providers. MOH plays an important role in providing and controlling immunisations scheme, public health activities, licensing and registration of private clinics and non-public health institutions. Healthcare financing in Palestine is mainly through MOH.

Compared to Israel, healthcare in the Palestinian territories is poor, with limited access to clean water and hospitals. One of the main contributing factors is due to lack of funding and equipment. The expenditure on healthcare in the Palestinian territories is relatively low. It is about US$138 per capita only, this is extremely low, when compared to US$2,263 per capita on healthcare spent in Israel. Infant death rate for Palestinian territories is about 24 per 1,000 births. The World Health Organization has reported drug shortage in Palestine and the Palestinian Health Ministry cannot pay wages to health workers due to lack of funding. Without staff and supplies, it is very hard for the Palestinian healthcare system to provide adequate services.

The Israel-Palestine conflict has affected the Middle East for many decades. The effect of its violence is only one of the contributors to the low quality of life in the Palestinian territories. The poor state of healthcare in Palestine is a major problem. Although foreign aid is essential to its improvement, the ultimate solution for Palestine's healthcare to get better depends very much on resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict and creating political stability.

A good healthcare system in Israel comes at a price, especially for tourists and non-permanent residents; and the healthcare system in the Palestinian territories is extremely poor, even for local residents. As a foreigner visiting or staying in the country, it is therefore best to put in place while in Palestine or Israel, an expat health insurance plan for full protection.


Group/Company Medical Insurance in Israel

For firms, businesses and groups , a group coverage policy may be the perfect coverage solution. Group insurance is one of the most elastic coverage available and because it is proposed by various famous insurance companies, there is sure to be a policy available to fit your organization’s requirements. To know more about the needs, restrictions, and insurance options available to you, consult our Israel group insurance page.  Furthermore, because we are a self-reliant entity, we can give you impartial advice and our staffs can consult coverage information from straight dozens of providers, so we are able to compare coverage for you in live, even over the phone if necessary. The thing number one to have in mind. Before beginning to take a plan it is really essential to do a just analysis of your individual situation and needs.

View our list of expat friendly hospitals in Israel


Israel Health Insurance

Health insurance policies offered by Globalsurance enable you to customize the policy coverage to suit your individual requirements. We offer a variety of insurance plans for individuals, families, teachers and groups which can include benefits for inpatient, outpatient, dental, maternity, travel, and many others. Whether you are an expat working in or traveling through Israel, the correct health insurance cover can afford you access to the best healthcare through the most comprehensive insurance cover available.

For more information about travel within Israel, global health insurance plans and programs that we can provide there, or to receive a free quote, please contact contact our friendly experts for advice today.