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Globalsurance will help you find International Medical Insurance no matter where you will be. That is not to say, however, that health insurance is the same around the world. Every country has its own laws and regulations when it comes to medicine, patient treatment and even insurance coverage. Below you will find a list of major world regions. Click on the one you are interested in finding out more information about. Within the link is a list of all the countries in the region that Globalsurance provides International Medical Insurance coverage in. We provide information on each country and how you can contact us for a policy that will cover you there.


Middle East





Each region of the world presents its own dangers and unique issues that travelers should be aware of. It is important for you to take time and give each destination the appropriate due diligence when researching travel plans. Globalsurance is happy to provide you with a jumping off point for this. If there is any information that you would like that you cannot find, please contact one of our experienced sales people by contacting us here. They will be happy to assist you in finding the necessary information and make sure that you have considered every aspect of protecting yourself, your family and your business during your travels.

Questions and Answers from Visitors

  1. Dickie Mohess:

    Do you provide life insurance for expatriate based in Trinidad?


    1. Stephen:

      Yes, we do. Pacific Prime can work with you to find a suitable solution for your life insurance need, we also have international solution for income protection, disability and critical illness insurance. I will be happy to get in touch with you to learn about your needs and requirements.