USA Health Cover

The USA is renowned for it's quality of medical care. As the most expensive in the world however, medical care in the USA is not a standard feature for most international health insurance plans but can be offered as a separate add-on.

Insurance in the USA is important for temporary visitors to the country, expatriates, and American citizens that reside abroad and desire to return home for medical treatment. USA cover is also frequently offered as one route for medical tourists visiting high quality medical facilities in the States. Since the insurance system is relatively complex we strongly suggest that seek consultation on the specifics of your case with us, and we can assure that you will find the best plan for your needs.

The Importance of Coverage in the USA

The costs of medical treatment in America have increased as a result of inflation by an average of more than 10 percent year by year.

Access to the best hospitals, doctors, clinics and surgeons throughout the country while costs are dealt with without concern.

Medical facilities in America can be linked to insurance networks known as PPOs. Provided you have a plan with an insurer in a PPO you are able to access any of the facilities included within their network.

Without insurance you may be denied access to treatment at any medical facility (and if you are it will be at a high cost).

Although PPO networks run across all States, each State’s laws can differ slightly, so we recommend getting in touch so we can offer some advice.

Benefits of USA health cover for:

American citizens living abroad - Citizens that wish to return home for treatment; this may include ongoing treatments such as managing a pre-existing condition with a familiar doctor. The quality of care in the States may well surpass the medical quality in the country they currently reside. 

Non-American travellers and expats - Due to America having the most expensive healthcare in the world in terms of medical bills, it is vital to seek cover while visiting the States. Medical bills for even slight treatments can amount to a sizable fee, catching unexpecting foreigners off guard. Securing USA coverage ensures these potentially high costs are managed by an insurer and should be essential to any plans for travelling in the USA.

Medical tourists - Any intentions on utilising the top quality facilities and treatments available in the USA as a medical tourist must coincide with securing a USA insurance policy. We highly recommend obtaining USA health insurance coverage as part of your international health insurance to manage the costs of US healthcare.

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Selecting an Insurer

There are a number of different health insurers, both international and in America that will give you cover for your stay in the USA. Consider these points when deciding on the choice of insurer.

Duration of time in the States.Determine if you require short-term or a long-term plan. Permanent residents are limited to the number of insurers available, while travellers and medical tourists have a wider selection range.

Final Destination in the States.Different insurers will be licensed in different States, or may only have certain policies available, so the State(s) you will be residing in pertains to the extent of the PPO network available.

Your Nationality. Not all insurers in the United States can cover all nationalities.

Frequency of treatment. If you are visiting as a medical tourist then your treatment may only take place occasionally. If however you are moving permanently, you may have to frequently visit treatment centres and require more cover. Choosing a plan that suits you for the frequency of treatments is important as this will affect your premiums

Teatment in other countries
Insurers prefer to cover treatment overseas due to the reduced costs of medical treatment, compared to the relatively expensive USA medical bills. There are however exceptions to being treated globally, so ensure all your details are available for us to advise exactly what you need and how to acquire it.

Doctor & Hospital selection
We generally recommend plans that allow choice of facility and medical personnel. There are certain limitations however, depending on the PPO network your insurer belongs to. Securing treatment outside your network can be extremely challenging and in some cases impossible. We make sure you are aware of the reach and extent of the PPO network especially if you already have a hospital or doctor in mind.

Premiums Explained
Premiums are high in States due to the high cost of treatment. If you want to keep your costs as low as possible we recommend obtaining cover only for what you will specifically need it for instead of larger, more encompassing packages. Customized plans can manage your costs, and you can be sure not to include unnecessary cover, such as maternity cover, if you do not need it.

A number of things are used to calculate your premiums: the extent of the coverage you desire, your age, whether you are opting for any deductibles, whether you have any pre-existing conditions and which model you are purchasing, long vs short-term plan. Typically, premiums are paid in one annual fee but monthly installments are an available option. Monthly payments however incorporate a small additional surcharge that is added to your premium.

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