Travel Health Insurance Plans

Annual Insurance Policies vs Travel Insurance Policies

Travel insurance plans are generally designed for people going overseas for either a short or medium length trip no longer than twelve months. While many travel insurance plans may appear similar, it is still wise to compare the packages by price and available benefits. There are 2 general options for health plans that are for a short period of time. These are either travel insurance plans, or short-term health insurance plans. Both types of policy are available for up to a year, with the major differences between the two being the price (or premium) and extent of coverage (or the benefits). 

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Travel plans are significantly cheaper than annual or short-term policies, but they are also generally less broad in their coverage. Travel insurance plans can have comprehensive coverage that include the best available care, as well as evacuation/repatriation services that get you to medical facilities for immediate treatment, however you may be better off if you are travelling for a long period with a short-term plan as they typically have more benefits you can get coverage for or will cover you to a greater benefit limit. This is not necessarily true of all insurers and for all travel plans though, as can be seen with regards to IHI-Bupa below.

For more information on the difference between short-term and travel policies, contact our advisors here.

IHI-Bupa Travel Insurance Plan Benefits Table

Benefit Coverage Limit (USD)
Maximum cover per person per trip Unlimited
Hospitalization 100%
Outpatient treatment by a doctor/specialist 100%
Prescribed medicines 100%
Prescribed treatment by a physiotherapist $2,500
Provisional pain-stilling dental treatment $ 200
Ambulance transportation 100%
Medical evacuation 100%
Return trip 100%
Compassionate emergency repatriation 100%
Next-of-kin accompaniment 100%
Compassionate emergency visit 100%
Home transportation of the deceased 100%
Statutory arrangements in case of death 100%
Board, lodging and local transport for a person summoned or accompanying the insured, per day $300

24-Hour Emergency Service

The Emergency Service is open 24 hours a day - 365 days a year, always there to give you professional advice and assistance - no matter where you are. The Emergency staff speak the same language as you and knows your insurance. They are fully trained in all kinds of emergency situations.

Emergency Treatment
In the event of an emergency admission, the insurer should be notified as soon as possible in order to avoid misunderstandings over the insurance cover. You only need to contact the insurer and we will take care of all the administrative and financial arrangements.

Medical Evacuation
When adequate medical treatment is not available locally, the insurer will arrange for medical evacuation or repatriation. When the transportation requires an accompanying doctor or nurse, we will arrange for this too.

Highly Skilled Medical Consultants at Your Disposal
Our medical consultants range from professors to general practitioners. Among their specialities are aviation medicine, telemedicine and tropical diseases.

More Information
If you require further information on Travel insurance, such as the process for application, visit our page detailing  the policy conditions.

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Questions and Answers from Visitors

  1. margaret:

    I am flying to the UK to stay with a friend for two weeks, then going on a cruise to Norway for one week. Dates 22 May to 12 June. I am a British pensioner living in Italy. Date of birth 11.02.1942. I take medication for high blood pressure.


    1. Stephen:

      Hi, thank you for contacting Pacific Prime regarding your insurance for you upcoming trip. We can certainly help you find a suitable plan for your vacation.
      If you require insurance for a short period of time, I would suggest looking at our travel insurance plan, they are designed to cover you while you are away from home. We offer travel plans from IMG and IHI BUPA, both of whom are very reputable companies worldwide. Both plans will give you hospitalization cover as well as outpatient cover for your doctor visit. While IMG can provide cost effective travel plan with flexible options, IHI BUPA can give you a very comprehensive coverage on the road.
      If you are interested in these options, I will be more than happy to send you a quote.


  2. James:

    I am an American living long term in India. I would like travel insurance for a visit to America. I would also need coverage for possible side visits to Ecuador, Peru. Date flexible. Lenght two months.


    1. Stephen:

      Thank you for contacting us about your insurance! We certain have a plan for your trip back to America. IHI BUPA has a comprehensive travel plan that will cover hospitalization cost along with outpatient benefits without a fiscal limit. The plan is very flexible, you can set the coverage according to traveling schedule, and IHI BUPA will cover you worldwide including the US. Does this option sound appealing to you? I will just need a few more details to give you a customized quote for your trip.


  3. Prakash:

    i have my parents aged 71 and 68 based in India who are now travelling to singapore for a month. i want short term travel insurance/medical cover of upto USD50K. The 68 year old elder is pre existing diabetic. i would like to know on how we can have both of them insured. what will be covered and how to have pre existing medical included under coverage and the total cost for a 30 day policy


    1. Stephen:

      : Yes, we do. We offer travel insurance that is designed to cover those who require coverage for a period of less than one year. The plan is price competitive while still offering basic worldwide coverage, excluding your home country.


  4. Jane:

    Does the travel insurance only cover medical ? Does it include personal luggage, emergency luggage, replacement of travel documents, electronic video and camera equipment.


    1. Andrew:

      Thank you for the inquiry regarding your insurance coverage requirements. As a broker for the world’s leading insurance companies we can put together a quote from many of the top insurance companies globally for your comparison.
      We work with several travel options that can insure you’re personal belonging along with the medical coverage. This includes coverage for theft of passports, theft or damage of luggage, and cover for luggage delay.
      As there are several options that can be covered, what I can do is send you a free comparative quote. This will outline plans by the likes of Allianz, BUPA, Cigna, Aetna, William Russell etc...
      I would be happy to arrange a call to answer any questions you had and describe the benefits of each plan in more detail.
      Kind Regards


  5. Desi:

    Hey, I am from South Africa and I am going to Brazil for 18 months, as an exchange student. I need insurance that will cover 18 months stay in Brazil, with 100% medical and hospital cover in case of an emergency. Do you have any advice?


    1. Anelise:

      Hi Desi,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Pacific Prime will be glad to help you out to find the most suitable medical insurance with cover in Brazil. Since the period of cover you need insurance for is 18 months, I would suggest you to take a travel medical insurance for the first 6 months and an annual plan for the remaining 12 months.

      You will be eligible to get treatment in any hospital of your choice in Brazil with direct billing for inpatient treatment.

      We work with the most reputable insurers in the world such as AXA PPP, William Russel, Now Health, Aetna, BUPA, Allianz, IHI, etc.

      In order to send you a proposal, kindly give me your date of birth.

      It will be a pleasure to help you out.


  6. Odd Arne Winje :

    Hi, I expect a visit to Norway of my girlfriend who is a Philippina citizen. She will visit me several times during this year. We want a travel insurance with maximum coverage for her, with a travel cancellation option also. That is if this travel canchelation works if authorities deny her visa applications. Will you be able to help with this?


    1. Lena:

      Dear Arne,
      Pacific Prime is an international medical insurance broker with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. We work with over 30 different insurance companies and we have over 120.000 clients in over 100 different countries. Our service is completely impartial and free.
      In regards to your enquiry; we work with two reputable insurance companies that can issue short term insurance. Inpatient, outpatient, dental and emergency evacuation are just some of the benefits that are important when choosing a short term medical plan.
      Since you are looking for a comprehensive travel insurance that will cover your girlfriend’s multiple visits to Norway, I would recommend the travel insurer IHI-Bupa. This insurer offers an annual travel plan, a cancellation option as well as provides excellent service. In regards to the benefits it is the best insurance plan we have for travel. For more information I am happy to give you a call to go over your girlfriend’s options together on the phone.
      For more information on short term insurance, please submit a quote on the website or feel free to contact us directly. I look forward to hearing from you!


  7. Gil:

    My mom is a canadian citizen and wanted to visit her relatives in the Philippines for about 3 months and i am wondering if i can get her health insurance coverage when she goes there. She is 87 years old. Is it possible to get her insurance coverage and how much would it cost?


    1. Eiman:

      Yes, we provide quotes for clients all over the world, visiting, working and traveling to some of the most exciting and remote places of the globe. Our policies can cover trips as little as one day and as long as a lifetime! We have found insurance to meet the needs of new born babies travelling for the first time and the wise and wonderful retiring in style!

      Premiums we quote come directly from the insurer. The rates vary depending on location, age, and duration. For an accurate and up-to-date quote, contact our diverse consultants who will help you chose the right plan from the right insurer, as well as share insightful tips. What’s more our Claims team has preferred and priority channels with insurers to ensure emergencies are handled promptly and professionally, giving you ongoing support long after your trip or medical treatment has ended.