Individual Health Insurance Plans

We understand how important your wellbeing is, and know that you demand quality medical treatment and access to top facilities and doctors. Falling ill or being involved in an accident is sometimes unavoidable, but securing an individual health insurance plan can ensure that you will be cared for to the highest standards.

Our team is ready to help and advise you on all the details of how an individual plan works and on selecting the most appropriate coverage from the right insurer. Globalsurance have over 15 years of experience, and have helped more than 100,000 customers find the right health insurance plan.

Individual health insurance plans are are not all the same, and offer different types of cover and benefits. Our advisors will make sure that they understand which benefits are relevant and important to you, so we can find you a suitable plan.

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Individual health insurance plans typically provide cover under the following categories:

Hospitalisation and Emergency Coverage
The inpatient coverage is the core of any health insurance plan that we offer. Hospitalisation and emergency cover protects individuals from the financial costs of suffering a major illness, injury or accident. This part of an individual health insurance plan also normally includes oncology (cancer) cover along with the necessary treatments and medicines such as chemotherapy.

Outpatient Coverage
This section of an individual plan includes routine visits to a doctor, or hospital as long as there is no requirement to stay overnight. Outpatient coverage can also cover certain medication and standard diagnostic testing. Some individual plans will include more specific benefits based on the illness or injury, such physiotherapy.

Depending on where you live or where you may be visiting, an evacuation service may be the most critical part of your health insurance. Anybody residing in areas with a lower standard of healthcare, or without access to medical facilities or even basic procedures, ought to seriously consider how their health insurance plan outlines an evacuation procedure.  

There is a considerable amount to consider when looking to start a family, and couples looking for the most secure way to do so should look into maternity insurance that will cover the process from start to finish. Maternity insurance options can cover a newborn infant for a limited time, as well as cover potential complications that arise during either the pregnancy or childbirth.

Cover for dental treatment such as cleaning, polishing as well as major restorative work can be added to most health insurance plans.

A comprehensive health plan can include optical insurance. This covers lens and contacts the replacement, and in certain cases, corrective eye surgery (Lasik).

Pre-existing conditions
Applying for insurance to cover certain pre-existing medical conditions is now possible. Should your condition require you to need hospitalisation or treatment at any time,  it will be covered under the policy.  Each case is processed separately when pre-existing conditions are involved, and this case-by-case approach means specialist advice is essential to ensure your plan covers every aspect you need it to.

Geographical Coverage
There is a scale of choice when it comes to areas your new plan will cover you. Selecting geographical cover will depend on whether you desire to remain under the same insurance and service within a single country, throughout a specific region, or indeed worldwide. Options will be flexible in a number of the  individual health plans Globalsurance can offer.

Deductibles and Excesses
A good way to control premiums and keep the management of your health insurance plan simple is to introduce a deductible or excess. This is an amount that you pay yourself before your insurer will cover you, and can be on a per claim, per year or co-payment basis. The effect will be to lower the cost but it should still mean that in cases of serious illness or accident you are covered.

Creating the right plan for you
As an insurance specialist our job is to help you find the right coverage by evaluating and selecting which modules of a health insurance plan meet your needs. Your requirements may change over time and it is important to select a plan that is flexible and can be modified as your needs evolve. In addition to the above parts of a medical insurance plan we often help clients consider many other important selection criteria such as:

Short Term Coverage
Many people do not need coverage for a full year. Fortunately, we can arrange plans for a specific and limited period. In some cases people do not know how long they need coverage for, as work assignments or family commitments may change over time. There are plans designed to help in these situations and we can help you select the right one.

Coverage in the USA
Health insurance coverage in the USA is expensive. However, for US citizens, those going to live there as expats, or those traveling there on a frequent basis, health insurance is essential. The USA has the most expensive healthcare in the world and insurance is strongly recommended . There are many legal restrictions regarding coverage in the USA and most insurers are not able to help you to get around them so getting good advice and cover is very important.

Visa Requirements (Schengen / Australian etc)
Some countries require health insurance before a residency visa or travel visa can be issued. Typically the requirements for the health insurance are tightly controlled and only certain insurers and plans meet the visa requirements. We have a dedicated team of experts to help our clients in these situations and we are familiar with most visa requirements around the world.

Senior Citizens
Buying health insurance later in life is very important but creates some difficult challenges such as; covering pre-existing conditions, managing costs, and selecting a long-term stable insurance company. Due to the high cost of the insurance it is worth getting expert help to evaluate and find the right plan.

Direct Billing
Selecting an insurer with a good direct billing network makes using and claiming on your insurance plan much more simple. Families find this aspect the most useful, as children tend to go the doctor more often. We can include this requirement when helping to find the right insurer for you.

New born coverage
In some cases children cannot be covered by their parents medical insurance plan or parents want their children to have a higher level of coverage for peace of mind. Some maternity insurance plans include limited newborn coverage, but you may wish to add further, or more in depth coverage too.

Student plans
If you are going to study abroad then there are special plans designed to cover students, these often have extra cover for tuition fees etc. if you are unable to complete your studies due to illness or accident. The plans are normally very good value for money and the best way to get health insurance if you are a student.

Why choose Globalsurance?
We do not charge you for our services. We receive remuneration from the insurer you have chosen to apply with. In Fact, certain premiums can cost you less than going straight to the insurer. As the world's leading provider of international private medical insurance, we are in the best possible position to offer advice to anyone interested in individual health cover.

With the expertise our team can bring to this process, we believe you are more likely to buy a plan that fits your needs perfectly. Globalsurance has always understood how essential feedback is in this industry, and we take all criticisms or faults very seriously. Negative feedback on a particular insurance plan will force us to reconsider whether to offer it in the future. If we no longer feel secure offering an insurance plan, we will immediately remove it as an option.  

Ultimately, we do not sell health plans that we would not buy.

Transferring Plans
If you are interested in maintaining your insurer but would like to make use of our service then please talk to us, and we may be able to improve your current service. If you are unhappy with your current insurer's service or if the plan is limited,  we aim to provide an enhanced service and a better customer experience.


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