Family Health Insurance Plans

We appreciate that finding the right protection for your family is the top priority. Should an accident happen or a family member fall ill, we understand the need for the highest quality treatment at the best medical facilities. We are here to make sure you can successfully secure your family’s health insurance by offering specialist advice on the details of available plans.

Your family coverage can be separated into distinct areas, each one potentially more relevant for your specific needs. Our first job is to make sure you understand each aspect of the plan, identifying which you will be needing the most. From that we can assign you the most suitable coverage to keep your family insured.

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Hospitalisation and Emergency Coverage
The inpatient coverage is the core of any health insurance plan that we offer. Hospitalisation and emergency cover protects families from the financial costs of suffering a major illness, injury or accident. This area of health insurance also normally includes oncology (cancer) cover along with the necessary treatments and medicines such as chemotherapy.

Outpatient Coverage
This section covers visits to a family doctor, or hospital as long as there is no requirement for the patient to stay overnight. Outpatient coverage can also cover certain medication and standard diagnostic testing. Certain family plans will include more specific benefits, based on the specific needs of the illness or injury, such physiotherapy.

Depending on where your family lives or where you are visiting, an evacuation service may be the most critical part of your health insurance. Families residing in areas with a lower standard of healthcare, or without access to medical facilities or even basic procedures, ought to seriously consider how their health insurance plan outlines an evacuation procedure.

There is a considerable amount to consider when looking to start a family, and couples looking for the most secure way to do so should look into maternity insurance that will cover the process from start to finish. Maternity insurance is a central part of any family health insurance policy, and aims to cover a newborn infant for a limited time, as well as cover potential complications that arise during either the pregnancy or childbirth.

Routine dental treatment such as scaling, polishing and cleaning or more major restorative work can be included into the cover of most health insurance plans.

A comprehensive family health plan may include optical insurance, featuring benefits such as replacement for lenses or contacts during the policy year. Corrective eye surgery such as Lasik can sometimes be incorporated into this area of a plan.

Geographical Coverage
The country where you live, along with where you intend to remain covered must be thought through, as it  has an impact on your premium. One option is to  look for coverage limited to the one country they reside in, i.e. China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, while another is to secure cover in a wider area such as Asia. The final option is to find health insurance that covers you all over the world.

Deductibles and Excesses
Introducing deductibles or excess is one way to control premiums and manage your health insurance plan. An amount is paid before your insurer will cover you, and can be on a per claim, per year or co-payment basis. This will lower the cost of the premium while serious illness or accidents are still covered.

Direct Billing
A good direct billing network allows claiming on your insurance plan to be a simple, painless process. Families find this aspect the most useful, as children tend to go the doctor more often.

Why Choose Us?
As one of our clients, the service we provide is completely free of charge. We are reimbursed directly by the insurer you have chosen to apply for a family plan with. We are in the best position to offer you advice on how health insurance can benefit your family.  

Globalsurance has always understood how essential feedback is in this industry, and we take all criticisms or faults very seriously. Negative feedback on a particular insurance plan will force us to reconsider whether to offer it in the future. If we no longer feel secure offering an insurance plan, we will immediately remove it as an option.  

We would never sell any health plan that we would not ourselves purchase.

Transferring Plans
If you are interested in maintaining your insurer but would like to make use of our service then please talk to us, and we may be able to improve your current service. If you are unhappy with your current insurer's service or if the plan is limited,  we aim to provide an enhanced service and a better customer experience.


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Questions and Answers from Visitors

  1. dr. Sandor Szuts:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Hungarian citizen. I will move to India (to Pune) on 29. September with my wife and 13. months old baby.
    I will need an expatriate plan, and your Company was advised to me by my friends. Could you please, let me know if your company has a strategic partner (Insurance Company) or broker in Hungary in order to have an expatriate plan?
    Your prompt reply would be appreciated,

    Best regards,
    Sandor Szuts


    1. Lucy:

      We are a brokerage that work with insurance companies offering cover all over the world. For expatriates moving abroad we can advise the best companies and plans according to your individual needs and of course the country you are moving to.
      Our service is completely free and can be won’t affect your current policy or increase your premium, the advantage you get when you come to us is that we can provided at once quotes from a wide range of insurance companies, as well as helping you see the differences on the covers and advice on which plan would better suit your requirements.
      We also offer continuous post-sales service helping with claims, renewals and any related issues. We are basically a facilitator between you and the insurer, always acting in your best interests.
      Many thanks,


  2. Chandelle bastian:

    Could a person from the Bahamas join your insurance? If so it's for me (38) and my ten years old daughter


    1. Jessica:

      Yes the plans that we work with do offer coverage for local nationals in their home country. We work with plans that are worldwide (excluding the USA or including the USA). I was hoping I could receive additional information from you so that I may send you a suitable quotation.


  3. Victor Cruz:

    Dear Sirs,

    I'm moving to the US for a short period with the family within the next few days.
    I will need a Medical Insurance plan for my self and my family (wife with 34 years of age and daughter 2 years of age).
    Please advise ASAP a good plan as well as it's cost.

    Best Regards

    Victor cruz


    1. Anelise:

      Dear Victor,
      Thanks for contacting Pacific Prime regarding your medical insurance.
      I am glad to recommend you IHI BUPA or IMG Patriot as a short term medical coverage in the USA.
      Please, advise me the estimated start and end dates of the policy so that I can provide you a most accurate quote.
      Any doubts, please feel free to contact me.
      Thank you,