Emergency Evacuation Cover

The costs of emergency medical care in a foreign country can accumulate quickly, especially if evacuation from that country becomes necessary. Expatriate health insurance plans provide coverage for emergency medical evacuations from countries that are not comprehensivley equipped with treatment or modern facilities.

In the event of an emergency,  the insurance company along with an attending doctor will assess the situation and determine the appropiate action. This may involve finding the nearest medical centre of excellence that is able to care for the client, and arranging for an efficient evacuation.

As it is not uncommon for peoplke to travel with friends or family, medical insurance plans may cover the transportation costs both the policy holder and another party.

If the policyholder dies while overseas the insurance plan will cover transportation of remains to their home country.

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Questions and Answers from Visitors

  1. Carolne Murphy:

    Do your policies provide cover in the event of a terrorist attack, act of war etc (i.e. if someone is injured as a result of the situation in Kenya for example, would they be covered for treatment and evacuation if necessary?


    1. Paul:

      Hi Caroline,
      Thank you for your enquiry.
      Please note that we offer international plans that will cover you in two areas; either Worldwide, or Worldwide excluding USA.
      We work with all the internationally recognised insurance companies such as BUPA, AXA, Allianz, Cigna, Aetna to name just a few.
      Some plans we offer can include emergency evacuation in certain countries.
      Please provide information on the below so as to research the most accurate cover and forward a complete medical overview of the market;
      • Do you have any current insurance plan in place?
      • Do you have a specific budget in mind?
      • Is there a specific insurance company that you are interested in?
      • What is your current occupation/employment?
      • Date of Birth(s) of policyholder(s):
      I look forward to your reply.
      Kind Regards,