Globalsurance Terms and Conditions

 1. Agreement

Use of this website is an agreement to comply with and be bound by the terms and conditions of use listed in this document without limitation or reservation. The terms outlined below, and the Privacy policies in section 3 are relevant to all use of and access to (“The/This Website”) and all its pages, text, information, data, and services.

You may only use this website if you wish to be bound by the Terms and Conditions listed here. Terms and Conditions can and may be added and revised occasionally. These revisions and additions become effective immediately, and continuing to access the website shall be considered to be acceptance of the revised terms and conditions. We are not required to notify you directly about revisions, and the posting of any amended terms and conditions by Globalsurance to the website are considered sufficient notice for your acceptance.

We reserve the right to record any correspondence via telephone and emails for training purposes, fraud prevention, and quality assurance. By using any of these communication methods, you consent to be recorded.

All insurance policies are arranged through licensed insurers. Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers Limited (“PPIB”) is a registered member of the Professional Insurance Brokers Association Limited of Hong Kong, registration 0201. Globalsurance is wholly owned and operated by PPIB.

Any of the provisions made in these terms and conditions that is found to be unlawful or void shall be deemed invalid immediately, without affecting the validity or enforceability of the other provisions in the terms and conditions.

For any queries or issues with the terms and conditions for this website, please contact us via [email protected]

2. Terms and Conditions

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

All terms and conditions will be governed and construed in accordance with Hong Kong SAR of the People’s Republic of China’s laws. Any disputes that arise from the use of this website may be submitted to the Hong Kong courts for jurisdiction.

Availability and Accuracy

If the availability of our website is interrupted through technical matters, or the accuracy is affected through errors caused, Globalsurance does not guarantee that said defects will be remedied, nor do we guarantee a virus-free website.

We have gathered the information on this website from publicly available sources, and all content collected is accurate as of the time of publication. Materials provided through the site are are also on an ‘as is’ basis. Should you use any tools or information gathered from this website, this goes not constitute an official offer of insurance to you.

The access to and use of all materials on this site are done so at your own risk. We do not guarantee that any files downloaded will not cause damage to property, computer viruses, loss of data, or any other types of malicious software problems. If content is altered by unauthorised third-partys, Globalsurance accepts no liability or responsibility for such damages.

We reserve the right to suspend access to the website without warning or notice to you for such things as maintenance, repairs, and other necessary reasons.

It is the responsibility of you, the user, to comply with all local laws applicable to you in the use and access of this website. If those laws prohibit you from making transactions regarding the products and services on this website, then you are forbidden from doing so.

Globalsurance are not liable for the loss of your content or material when uploading it through this website.

Globalsurance do not guarantee the provision of a particular product, and are not liable for either the withdrawal of a product, or the rejection of an application for a policy.

Globalsurance exclude liability in all contract, tort (including negligence), statutory duty, or otherwise for any errors on this website, and are not liable for any economic losses be they direct or indirect, nor the loss of revenue, profits, data, or damage that occur through the use of this website.


Should you breach any of the terms and conditions listed here, this is sufficient to indemnify Globalsurance for any and all loss suffered, or any costs accrued as a consequence of your breach. Globalsurance is entitled to enforce rights regarding the breach of terms and conditions, or any subsequent breach whenever they see fit.

No Advice

Globalsurance does not provide personal, financial, or medical advice. The information we give on our website is not directed towards your specific financial or insurance state, and we recommend that you seek advice regarding your particular financial or insurance position independently before acting on the information you have learnt from this website.

Ownership and Limitation of Use

You do not have permission to use, publish, upload, reproduce, or transfer any component of this website. Furthermore you cannot create derivative works regarding any component of this site. You may not display any part of this website in public in any form without the express consent of Globalsurance. Globalsurance and it’s associated affiliates own and license all intellectual property rights to the paces of this website. You may not use any image, logo, name, or trademark licensed by Globalsurance, and doing so is an infringement of the rights of the license. “Globalsurance” as a name, and the Globalsurance logo are trademarks and property of Globalsurance.

We retain any comments left on our site by you as our property, and these comments may be used by Globalsurance without notification or payment to you. You may not insert hyperlinks into this website. Intent to damage, interfere with, corrupt, or deny service from any pages on our website shall result in Globalsurance taking necessary action to protect the website and aii intellectual property rights.

You may only use the quotation function of the website to gather quotes for yourself or your immediate family, or for pricing information for your friends. All transactions and queries that are insurance related for members of your immediate family can only be obtained with the family members’ prior consent.

PPIB Remuneration

Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers Limited receives remuneration for its services through the receipt of commission paid to them by the insurers. Through agreeing to proceed with insurance with Globalsurance, you consent to our receipt of commission by the insurance company.

Website Links

The links throughout are to websites and sources not under the control of Globalsurance. The links are provided for information and convenience, and so visiting them is done at you, the user’s, risk. Any terms and conditions found on the third party websites reached through links may not align with our own terms and conditions. Globalsurance is therefore not responsible for these terms and conditions for pages outside Clicking and activating any link will cause you to leave Globalsurance, and means that we are not liable for any loss or damage suffered through the use of those websites.

3. Privacy Statement - Personal Information Collection Statement (PCIS)

Access and Correction of Personal Data

In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you may request to see and/or edit the personal information that you have provided to Globalsurance. To do so, write to the following address; Data Protection Officer, Room 1-11, 35/F, One Hung To Road, Kwun Tong. The Personal Data Ordinance allows Globalsurance to charge a reasonable fee in order to process the amending or access of personal information that you request.

Anti-Spam Policy

We have a strict policy against spamming, and therefore do not allow the sending of unsolicited or mass emails. Globalsurance will only send emails to those of you who have requested so from us based on accepted permission-based email guidelines. Should you believe Globalsurance is sending you spam, you may report this activity to [email protected] and we will investigate the issue.

Confirmation of Insurance

We do not take the submission of your information to this website or content on this website as acceptance of an offer to purchase a product. Requesting a policy is not construed as an offer by Globalsurance of a product. An offer has been confirmed at the point when your offer enters our records, is accepted, and you are notified as such by Globalsurance. This notification of confirmation can be issued on paper, but is not conditional on you receiving the offer in paper format.

Any products and services listed on this website, and information pertaining to them does not represent a complete and accurate description of the individual terms and conditions of the product, nor the precise cover specific to that product. The full and relevant information regarding the specific policy or product will be provided either physically or electronically. If contradictions arise between the conditions of the product or service, and the general terms and conditions of this website, the products specific conditions will prevail.

You must ensure that all information that you give to this website regarding payment is accurate and contains that you have the necessary and sufficient funds to clear the cost of the purchased product or service.

Cookie Policy

We use internet browser cookies in order to analyse web traffic to this website, and to identify which of our website’s pages are being used. This allows us to tailor our websites more to our customer’s needs, and make improvements to the site. Cookies do not allow us to access any specific information about you nor access your computer. Your browser will automatically accept our cookies if it is on it’s default settings.

Direct Marketing

We may use any personal data collected for the marketing or promotion of other insurance services and products, however this must be with your consent. Personal data includes your phone number, address, email, and name, and may be used by companies affiliated with PPIB. 

If you want to prevent the personal data given from being used in any of the ways listed above, please fill the form on this page.

PPIB assumes the quotation and continuation of your policy as accedence for PPIB to continue using your personal data for voluntary marketing purposes unless you send us an “opt-out” request. To withdraw your consent, and stop receiving information or direct marketing from us and our affiliates, please contact [email protected]

Online Transactions

We will, where appropriate and available, send all insurance documents to you electronically. Anything that cannot be delivered electronically due to legal constraints will be posted to you in physical form.

You may make transactions online using this website’s services. Online purchases are finalised when you are sent confirmation of your process. Transaction confirmation is defined as a communication from you to us through our website, which contains your acceptance of an offer or your confirmation of payment.

We are not held liable if you provide us with an incorrect email address for the transaction, which is either inactive or attached to an expired account. Should you change email addresses, it is your responsibility to notify Globalsurance of this change, and you must ensure that it is capable of receiving our new emails and notifications.

Purchase and Payment

Before we will confirm and provide to you any insurance cover, you must fully and faithfully disclose to Globalsurance everything relevant to the process or decision to grant you the insurance policy you have requested. If you do not, and withhold any relevant information, you may receive no benefits from your chosen policy.

To purchase insurance products online, you may request a quote through our website that we will then email to you. If you agree with the quote, and its terms and conditions, and you wish to accept the policy, then you must provide all the required details and can then request to purchase the product or service. We will then inform you if the request has been accepted or rejected based on the information you have provided. If accepted, a binding insurance agreement will be created for you.

You must pay for any purchase made through this website in full by the due date that is set by you when you confirm the purchase of the product or service. Payments and renewals must all be made through the use of a credit card, (one that is accepted by Globalsurance), along with the following details:

Full Name (as appears on credit card)

Credit Card Type

Credit Card Number

Expiry Date

Once the transaction is successful, and has been charged successfully through your credit card, and the receipt or payment has been confirmed by Globalsurance, then your binding insurance contract is official.

Purpose of Collection

PPIB must collect your personal information for the following: (i) administration and processing of insurance policies, insurance claims, and security and medical underwriting checks, (ii) processing your application, (iii) communication to and notifications for you, (iv) processing your payment, (v) providing you with any promotional information related to financial services, insurance, or any wealth management products from PPIB, (vi) ensuring that you meet disclosure requirements imposed by law or regulatory authorities

Transfer of Personal Data

Any and all personal data collected by Globalsurance remains confidential. However we may share information with the following: (i) insurance agents, (ii) insurance companies, (iii) third party administrators, (iv) third party service providers including legal advisers, loss adjusters, investigators, surveyors, specialists, repairers, data processors, and accountants, (v) Person(s) whom PPIB must disclose the information to under any legally binding requirements that mean PPIB or any of its associated companies must disclose the information for the purpose of regulations, codes or guidelines issued by governmental, regulatory, or other authorities with which PPIB or any associated companies are required to or expected to comply, (vi) Person(s) as a result of a law or order of a court of competent jurisdiction

Any use of this website is acknowledgment that you accept the Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions.



Questions and Answers from Visitors

  1. Tamas:

    I'd like to ask some offers from you for my wife who is a peruvian citizen, and she need a healthcare insurance for the residental card.
    thank you


    1. Liz:

      All of the plans we offer are extremely comprehensive and easily meet the requirements for almost all European residence visas (however we would recommend that you check with the particular consulate) and the Schengen Agreement. As you will not have access to the Hungarian national health system yet is it is important that you have a fully comprehensive private medical plan to cover you for all illnesses and sicknesses.

      These plans not only cover medical treatment but will also insure you for preventative treatment such as cancer screenings and routine health checks. You will also have the option to include maternity and dental, as costs for maternity and dental in Europe can be high so it is essential to have adequate cover.

      The private medical insurance plans we offer are lifetime renewable, therefore you will not have the administration headache of having to change your insurance once you is advised by us to the right plan for your from the beginning